Cafe World Extravagant Cafe Available

By | January 15, 2010

Cafe World Extravagant Cafe is available today ^__^
cafe world extravagant cafe expansion

How to unlocked extravagant cafe expansion on cafe world ?
In order to get extravagant cafe expansion you will need 12 neighbors to unlock 🙂 and remember that you can’t skip any expansion.
the expansion size is 14 x 16
you can buy it with 999,999 coins or 35 cafe cash

too pricey ? well i don’t think so, because if you already expand to bountiful cafe i guess you already have a lot of money right now.

and don’t forget you can use this expansion to put a lot of new alien decorations, or a normal one to complete decorations medals – dining decorator medal

and if you see the free gifts tab you will see 3 new alien gifts :

Alien Sushi
Green Goo Fizzy Pop
Eyesee Donut

this three gifts are limited, so send it while you can for your friends 🙂