Cafe World Family Reunion Goals Grandma’s Family Dinner

By | April 28, 2012

Grandma’s family dinner is here ! start now with cafe world family reunion goals 🙂

there are 8 parts and here are some new recipes you can unlock :
– Coconut Cream Pie
– Irish Golden Ham
– Ricotta Stuffed Manicotti

help grandma prepare for her family dinner and receive a 50% stove !

here are the missions requirements :
part 1 : family reunion goal
– ask for 2 cups of sugar
– serve 15 random dishes
– ask for 2 cups of salt


gid :
7096 Battery
7111 Camera
7112 Candle
7119 Chair
7124 Cup
7126 Cup of Salt
7127 Cup of Sugar
7134 Fork
7139 Knive
7143 Match
7148 Napkin
7151 Plate
7153 Potholder
7158 Skillet
7164 Spoon
7167 Tong

part 2 : family matters goal
– ask for 6 plates
– serve 25 random dishes
– ask for 6 skillets
reward : ricotta stuffed manicottis

part 3 : getting ready goal
– ask for 4 napkins
– serve 35 ricotta stuffed manicotti
– ask for 4 forks

part 4 : setting the table goal
– ask for 8 spoons
– serve 45 random dishes
– ask for 8 knives
reward : irish golden ham recipe

part 5 : memories goal
– ask for 10 cups
– serve 55 irish gold hams
– ask for 10 chairs

part 6 : guests arriving goal
– ask for 10 tongs
– serve 65 random dishes
– ask for 10 potholders
reward : coconut cream pie recipe

part 7 : almost ready goal
– ask for 11 candles
– serve 85 coconut cream pies
– ask for 11 matches

part 8 : let’s eat goal
– ask for 13 batteries
– serve 105 random dishes
– ask for 13 cameras
reward : grandma’s 50% lightning stove

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  • Diane W

    Hello All, This post states we need 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of salt but the amount that we need depends on our game level… I am level 580 and I need 5 sugar and 5 salt… just a heads up for the upper level folks… If your higher level you will need more than what is stated. I want to say thank you for your help…

  • terrence

    In addition to what Diane W had just said — even for the random dishes, the higher the level you are, the longer cooking duration the dish you will be required to cook. On the recent Honeymoon event, I was asked to cooked a 2-day dish while a friend of mine only needs to cool a 1-day dish for the same Goal Day, Part.

  • Jake

    I noticed that some of my friends got the Drink Bar at level 30 or less while I had to move past level 50 (not sure which anymore, but I did post it here a while back) to get it. Yes, the only thing that changes are the requested items. I’m on stage 7 and I only need 8 candles and matches…currently at level 340 in the game. Random dishes are not really random since I had cooked multiple dishes several times for the 5 Neon stoves….sometimes I would cook the dish for two stoves at the same stage or once I moved to the next stage of one stove I had to cook a dish from a previous stage of another stove….lol.