Cafe World Family Vacation Goals

By | July 2, 2012

Travel with lisa and joe ? one of the coming up quest soon : cafe world family vacation goals

Help lisa, joe and baby chai with their travels, win the awesome captain counter space statue and more !

“Many of you have asked us what lies in store for Café World, especially after we announced the launch of our new culinary adventure, ChefVille.”

got this and some more updates from cafe world forum :
– Start packing your bags and get ready to travel with Joe and Lisa as they head out on their first ever gastronomic family vacation. And the stork report says there’s a little bundle of joy with them!
– And what better than sports while you savor our great spread? Stay tuned as we tune in to the world’s premier quadrennial sporting event with an Olympic feast! Records will tumble!
– We heard you! Café World will be getting an all new, upgraded Zynga Message Centre that will make sending gifts to your friends and helping them out extremely easy
– Excited about all this great content? Well, there’s more! The Café World team is working hard on improving the game performance, while delivering on some awesome artwork.
Stay tuned and watch this space for more updates on great things to come!

already have the gid list, but i need to separate it first because there’s a lot of them combined.. will update later~

Go on an epic road trip with lisa and joe to win a 6x mega stove. Finish all quests within timer to upgrade to ultra !
lisa and joe’s family vacation event
12 day joe and lisa’s family vacation goals
– complete theme park catering
– complete hawaiian catering
road trip

joe and lisa’s family vacation gid – thx to jimmy 🙂
8036 Minivan Key
8037 GPS
8038 Coffee Mug
8039 Energy Drink
8040 Tire Jack
8041 Cooler
8042 Park Map
8043 Park Hat
8044 Souvenir Penny
8045 Souvenir Mug
8046 Park T-Shirt
8047 Inflatable RAFT
8048 Foot Pump
8049 Canoe
8050 Canoe Paddle
8051 Banana Boat
8052 Water Wings
8053 Wakeboard
8054 Innertube
8055 Hammock
8056 Bug Collecting Kit
8057 Magnifying Glass
8058 Skipping Stones
8059 Carry On Luggage
8060 Neck Pillow
8061 Surf Board
8062 Lei
8063 Hawaiian Shirt
8064 Umbrella Drink
8065 Swimming Fins
8066 Goggles
8067 Snorkle
8068 Underwater Camera
8069 Ukulele
8070 Hula Doll
8071 Kukui Nuts
8072 Interstate Sign
8073 Gas Canister
8074 Oil Canister
8075 Tyre
8076 Snacks
8077 Drinks
8078 License Plate
8079 Mug
8080 Snow Globe
8081 Pennant
8082 Stamp
8083 Spoon
8084 Streamer
8085 Confetti
8086 Party Hat
8087 Party Banner
8088 Party Music
8089 Party Light
8090 Grass Skirt
8091 Fire Baton
8092 Tiki Mug
8093 Ipu Hekes
8094 Tapa Cloth
8095 Lei Po’o
8096 Suitcase
8097 Bandana
8098 Golden Ticket
8099 Digital Camera
8100 Binoculars
8101 Swimsuit
8102 Diving Mask
8103 Diving Lesson
8320 Clown
8321 Colored Balloon
8322 Ride Ticket
8327 Match Box
8328 Baby Blanket
8329 Picnic Basket
8330 Camera Lenses
8331 Plastic Toothpick
8332 Tin Can
8333 Folding Chair
8334 Fishing Rod
8335 Teddy Bear
8336 Firewood
8417 Beach Towel
8418 Beach Chair
8419 Coupon

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