Cafe World Farmers Market

By | July 13, 2012

There’s a new feature : cafe world farmers market that will allow you to get amazing deals at very special prices 😐 with cash
Amelia only uses the best in her kitchen and she wants you to do the same!

here are the guide from zynga support about Farmers’ Market feature :

What is the Farmers’ Market in cafe world ?
Farmers’ Market is a place where fresh new Daily Deals are made available to chefs at amazing discounts.


How do the Daily Deals work?
A new deal is made available every day for the first five days of the Farmers’ Market event.


How can I get a particular day’s Deal?
Once available, you can purchase a particular Daily Deal as long as you have purchased at least one more previous day’s Daily Deal.

Example (below): You can purchase the Day 3 Deal twice because you own two of the Day 2 Deal. Essentially, all deals are purchased in sets. Note – to purchase another Day 2 Deal, you will first have to purchase another Day 1 Deal.


Can I purchase all the available Deals in one go?
Yes! Click the ‘Buy All Available Deals’ button.