Cafe World Feed The Irish Feast Catering Order

By | March 15, 2011

Cafe World Feed The Irish Feast Catering Order ! Cater an irish spread for peter and his new friends !

feed the irish feast in cafe world

Peter made new friends in the local irish community. Earn 3 stars for catering their get-together and earn a premium cafe world St. Patty’s Day cooler 🙂

feed the irish feast catering order :
– serve irish stew 200 times (8 hours)
– serve corned beef and cabbage 55 times (12 hours)
– serve mince tartlets 55 times (10 minutes)
– serve Rice pudding 30 times (30 minutes)
– collect 12 irish wind spinner

3 star rewards (3 days) :
12 catering points + 3200 CP + 75000 coins + St. Patty’s Day Cooler

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  • takeru

    could you tell me where i can see the hiding quest?

    thank you!!

    • admin

      i’m afraid you can’t view all the quest that hidden 🙁 this is already a problem and i’ve sent a ticket to zynga, and still no response till now….

  • takeru

    thanks very much.
    hope something’s done about it soon:)
    like the CV icon in the city ville.

    thank you!!