Cafe World Festival Food Stove Goals

By | September 18, 2012

Complete amelia’s cafe world festival food stove goals to earn your festival food 4x mega stove !
Join Amelia on her journey to Germany and get 4x, 6x and 8x mega stoves !

quest : festival food goal
– place your festival food stove

ask your friends for help to gather all of the parts you need to complete your stoves !
Get the amazing festical food mega stove ready to start cooking with speed and power ! some assembly required.

part 2: Food Burner #1 goal
ask for 6 festival food circuits
serve 35 random dishes
serve 35 random dishes

part 3: Continue Food #1 goal
part 4: Finish Food #1 goal

gid :
9189 Festival Food Circuit
9190 Festival Food Display
9191 Festival Food Wiring
9192 Festival Food Pipe
9193 Festival Food Control Knob
9194 Festival Food Handle
9195 Festival Food Drip Pan
9196 Festival Food Thermostat
9197 Festival Food Heating Coil
9198 Festival Food Burner Ring
9199 Festival Food Motor
9200 Festival Food Hard Drive
9201 Festival Food Switch
9202 Festival Food Tube
9205 Festival Tent Circuit
9206 Festival Tent Display
9207 Festival Tent Wiring
9208 Festival Tent Pipe
9209 Festival Tent Control Knob
9210 Festival Tent Handle
9211 Festival Tent Drip Pan
9212 Festival Tent Thermostat
9213 Festival Tent Heating Coil
9214 Festival Tent Burner Ring
9215 Festival Tent Motor
9216 Festival Tent Hard Drive
9217 Festival Tent Switch
9218 Festival Tent Tube

official guide :
Until when will I have the option to cook for Amelia’s Mega Stoves ?
You will have until September, 30th to complete all goals and earn your Stoves.

What rewards can I earn for helping Amelia ?
Complete all goals to earn a 4x Mega, 6x Mega and 8x Mega Stove.

Do I really get 3 different Stoves ?
Yes! If you complete all goals you will be rewarded with 3 Stoves.

What will I have to do to get all 3 Stoves ?
You will start to build your 4x Mega Stove, once you have unlocked all burners you will get the option to continue on and build a 6x Mega Stove. After unlocking all burners on your 6x Mega you will be able to start unlocking burners on your 8x Mega Stove.

Do I have to complete a buildable ?
No, to be rewarded with the 3 Stoves you will not have to complete a buildable.

Do I have to complete a Catering Campaign ?
No, similar to the buildable there is no Catering Campaign for Oktoberfest.

Will I be able to upgrade these mega stoves to ultra ?
Yes, Amelia will take of that before she leaves Germany.

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