Cafe World Field of Dreams Goals

By | July 13, 2012

Help farmer fred upgrade his farm in cafe world field of dreams goals and receive new ingredients and a 50% stove !

there are 8 parts of this quest

part 1 : field of dreams goal
– ask for 2 tomatoes
– serve 10 random dishes
– ask for 2 basil


note from zynga support :
“Some of out fellow Chefs have been contacting us regarding Fred’s “Feed the Seeds” quest.
We are aware of the reversal in signature dishes many Chefs experienced on their cafes since June 30th, our team is committed to solve these issues as quickly as possible.
However, Fred’s quests can be completed as normally.
Sourdough is a reward from the second quest and the basic ingredients will always be in your Café. Any ingredient you will need later in the quests, will always be provided beforehand.”

gid :
7665 Tomato
7634 Basil
7565 Bug Spray
7586 Fly Swatter
7557 Bag of Fertilizers
7613 Shovel
7564 Bucket
7654 Ladle
7614 Spray Bottle
7626 Trowel
7600 Pruning Shear
7575 Cultivator
7618 Sun Visor
7660 Pot
8193 Sample Bag
8171 Bucket

quest 2: Bugs be Gone Goal – reward : Sourdough ingredient
quest 3: Feed the Seeds Goal
quest 4: The Wishing Well Goal – reward : Bacon ingredient
quest 5: Weeds be Gone Goal
quest 6: Cream of the Crop Goal – reward : Spinach ingredient
quest 7: Labor of Love Goal
quest 8: Time to Harvest Goal
reward : Fred Farm 50% Ultra Stove

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  • Rhonda

    lol there is no flyswaters in your list. love your site btw. you are amazing

  • Paula

    Is there a GID for the flyswatter?

    • admin

      7586 🙂

  • Paula

    Thanks so much! Appreciate all the hard work put into this!