Cafe World Fixing Up The Cafe

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Help amelia clean up her aunt cafe in cafe world fixing up the cafe !
complete and earn rewards for every stages

you need to post to get parts from your friends :
Saw, Ladder, Nail, Wood 2×4, Hammer, Bolt

there are no links available, and the gid also doesn’t work because these items are rsvp

here are the rewards you can get for fixing up the cafe
Stage 1 Reward: 2 Six Hour Thymes
Stage 2 Reward: 2 Six Hour Thymes
Stage 3 Reward: Profiteroles recipe
Stage 4 Reward: 2 Mastery Mints
Stage 5 Reward: 2 Six Hour Thymes
Stage 6 Reward: Courgettes Farcies recipe
Stage 7 Reward: 2 Instant Thymes
Stage 8 Reward: 2 Quest Buster Thymes
Stage 9 Reward: Salmon Terrine recipe
Stage 10 Reward: 3 Arc de Triumph 50% stoves

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