Cafe World Flower Garden Links

By | February 17, 2012

Build your cafe world flower garden and grow beautiful flowers for your cafe !

you can see more information about this feature read it on indoor garden guide, use the request links gid for the buildable materials !

here are the links for parts :

flower-pot-link flower-bed-link
flower pot link – flower bed link

flower-seeds-link misting-bottle-link
flower seeds link – misting bottle link

flower garden guide :
start growing flowers
the first step is to choose what type of flower you want to grow, select a flower from the flower book and click the grow button

fertilize your flowers
fertilizing a flower allows you to grow it instantly ! you can also instantly grow all of the flowers you are growing by pressing the fertilize all button at the top of the page

harvesting your flowers
when a flower has finished growing it is ready to harvest and place in your cafe. click on a finished flower to harvest it and, as long as you have an open vase available, your flower will appear in your cafe !

flower vases
flower vases are like counters for flowers, once you have harvested a flower it will appear in an open vase in your cafe until the flower wilts.

place vases in your cafe
in order to harvest a flower you must have an open vase in your cafe, you can either earn vases in the white and black orchid, questlines, or buy them in your cafe market (specialty items)

cafe happiness
the more un-wilted flowers you have in your cafe the better your cafe’s mood ! incrase your mood to earn better bonuses and even the chance to earn premium spices
check the mood meter at the top of your screen for more information.

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