Cafe World Foodini Is Here

By | May 31, 2012

New loading pic just came out today : cafe world foodini is here !

usually they put ‘is coming’ first before the ‘is here’, maybe some mistake ?

because the event for joe and lisa’s new arrival is not finish yet, though some players already finished the main goals

I bet this is the next one coming up after the baby event ends, and may be timed as well 😐

update :
it’s foodini’s magic jar ! no goals just new feature 🙂
Magic can be random ! You could get a pro, amateur or novice magical cooking item from the magic jars. Open more jars to increase your chances of getting a pro item.

you can purchase :
1 magic jar = 50 cafe cash
3 magic jars = 140 cafe cash

you’ll get chance to get these foodini’s magic jar rewards :
novice : x20 twelvehour thyme, x20 instant thyme, x50 intant thyme
amateur : x20 quest buster, x 20 mastery maestro
pro : foodini’s 4x ultra stove

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