Cafe World Free VIP Dinner Links

By | April 23, 2010

Cafe World Free VIP Dinner Links ! remember the v.i.p dinner on cafe world ?

well now you can get free 2600 vip dinner on your gift box with these links 🙂

cafe world vip dinner links :
free vip dinner link 01
free vip dinner link 02
free vip dinner link 03
free vip dinner link 04
free vip dinner link 05
free vip dinner link 06
free vip dinner link 07
free vip dinner link 08
free vip dinner link 09
free vip dinner link 10
free vip dinner link 11
free vip dinner link 12
free vip dinner link 13

just click the links and you will get free v.i.p dinner on your gift box, and come back every 24 hours to get more !

you can share this cafe world free vip dinner link for your friends too 😀

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  • anon

    wow this really works!

  • anon

    bahahahah you can actually do this many times in one day!!!! i have over 14,000 servings right now!!!

  • Galatorg

    i was able to do it 2x per link for 5200 servings right away. that was about 12 hours ago, i haven’t been able to get anymore yet, it just says that the request was accepted from the message center.

  • GMan

    I just received 7000 v.i.p dinners. thnX

  • ThePro

    I can make a hundred of thousand of those vipd in 1 link =)

  • jennifer

    I have figured out how to get 5200 servings from the links but I can’t get anymore than that it tells me I have already accepted through the message center

  • sagar

    i got 4982 vip dinner but i want free cafe cash please help with sum cafe cash to all of us please its a request from all of us…thnx hope u will do this for all of us thankin u

  • orfeas

    you can use each link twice a day!

  • kishan

    plzzzzzzzzz find a link through which we can have cafe cash..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz that’s a request!

  • haffy

    I just received 15000 v.i.p dinners. thx

  • Ice

    how did you recive 15000 vip dinners ?

  • iBaby

    How do all of you get so many vip dinners out of 1?

  • iBaby

    I mean 1 link. Please reply! Help appreciated

  • brodie timson

    it kept on coming up this page has a redirect loop so i got 0/15000 i rate this place a 0/10 non helpful but well fine a 5/10 if other people got it!

  • Alicja

    Well nice V.I.P dinners

  • Jessica

    i got 5000 vip dinners

  • Kellie

    They aren’t working for me. =(