Cafe World Fridge It Goals

By | February 15, 2011

Cafe World Fridge It Goals ! 3 new goal for cafe world fridge 🙂

goal : fridge it! in cafe world

there are 3 part for fridge on cafe world, here are the list of the goals :

Cafe World Fridge It I
not enough counter space ? want to store a dish without selling it off ? build a fridge and put your servings on ice!
– place fridge builder
– serve belgian waffles 14 times (2 hours)
– earn 5,000 coins
hint : food stored in your fridge stays fresh, serve it on your counters whenever you’d like !

Cafe World Fridge It II
a major appliance needs major parts, help your neighbors out and maybe they’ll reward you with items for your fridge !
– complete the fridge builder
– spice 5 friend’s stoves
– serve french onion soup 15 times (4 hours)
rewards : aqua fountain

Cafe World Fridge It III
it wasn’t easy, but your fridge is working ! it’s time to stock it full of food 🙂 start cooking !
– serve bacon cheeseburgers 20 times (5 minutes)
– serve chips and guacamole 20 times (3 minutes)
– serve french onion soup 4 times (4 hours)
hint : speed up your cooking by adding spices !

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