Cafe World Fridge

By | February 15, 2011

Cafe World Fridge ! a new fuctional item is available today 🙂 Add a fridge to your cafe and put a freeze on losing food !

fridge on cafe world

with a fridge, you can now store dishes and serve them whenever you want ! read cafe world fridge guide below

Build your cafe’s fridge ! Chill with your friends ! Ask for fridge parts to start building your fridge. A fridge will help you store food to keep it from spoiling, or let you free up a counter for a new dish

you will need to collect @10 for each part :
cafe world crisper drawer
cafe world condenser coil
cafe world door shelf
cafe world thermostat control


note : This time zynga make it easy so i don’t think you will need any cafe world fridge links, because for crisper drawer and condenser coil you can post it on the wall and if your friend help they will get 1 too. For door shelf and thermostat control you must send a request to your friend by selecting them and they can help you gift these item.

now you can store food to keep it from spoiling and serve it at a later time ! ask your friends to help you build your fridge today !

When your fridge is complete you can save some food later by moving food from your fridge. When you’re ready, just move the food from fridge back to your counters to serve to your customers

here’s the picture inside cafe world fridge :

the easy way to understand how cafe world fridge works : if you want to serve new dish but there’s no counter available you can put the dish to your fridge and serve it later ! (won’t spoiled inside fridge)

and as you can see to add more cafe world fridge shelf you can buy for 10 cafe cash (shelf locked)

Let see if there will be any cafe world fridge goals available soon 😛

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  • ells 144

    when i used the fridge my food spoiled

  • ells 144

    the food never spoils out of the fridge

  • Patty Kmiecik

    Help. I accidentally put my fridge in the decorations and now I can’t find it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

    • admin

      try to look on functional

  • Gerald Dunaway

    I bought a shelf for the fridge a few days ago, tonight the shelf is gone and says i have to pay 10fw for another one.. you mean that shelf only lasts a week, then it disappears???

  • Kathy Rogan

    can’t find the refregerator i had in cafe world.