Cafe World Frozen Blank Gift Box Error Fixed

By | March 4, 2010

Cafe World Frozen Blank Gift Box Error Fixed ! There’s a new bug on cafe world, when you open your gifts in the gift box it’s blank ?!


Well this what belle star – Super Moderator on cafe world forum said :
“Frozen Gift Box/Blank Gift Box is a Known Issue and one that the developers are actively working on.

Please, do not send Support tickets in on the problem at this time.

Support has received many tickets that will help the developers identify the problem. They do not need more information from us the players at this time, and overwhelming Support with more reports for this issue will not help the developers identify the problem.

Many thanks to all who reported the issue through Support and here on the forums. The help of the community has been essential in the efforts to isolate and eradicate this problem.


Update : “We’re happy to announce that we’ve fixed the issue that was affecting the gift box today! Thank you for being patient with us while we get this fixed. We’ve also turned off spoil for the night! (3/3/10)”

yes the glitch have been fixed 🙂 and the gift box is back to normal on cafe world !

  • Robin Stuckey


  • georgia

    i have nearly 500 gifts and i freeze up real bad cant play please help me

  • Eva

    I cant get my super stove, is not in the Functional/Gear tab!!!! No 1X!!!

  • sharon walker

    Gift box also frozen, need help.
    when i try to click on it, it freezes up, and is building up more gifts that i cannot use???