Cafe World Giant Turkey Balloon Goal

By | November 23, 2010

Cafe World Giant Turkey Balloon Goal ! a new goal just added for thanksgiving goals 🙂 you can get the giant turkey balloon series after you finished with cafe world taste the turkey goal

giant turkey balloon on cafe world

get the premium ‘giant turkey balloon’ (16 cafe cash) for free by completing these goals !

for the giant turkey balloon I you will need to :
place ‘hopeful plum blossom tree‘ in cafe
place ‘red roses‘ in cafe

Hint : These flowers can be found under ‘decor’ in the customize tab. The giant turkey balloon will arrive as soon as you place these !

giant turkey balloon goal

look on decor and search for :
hopeful plum blossom tree – 6,000 coins
red roses – 4,500 coins

the rewards are : 5000 cafe coins + 2000 cafe points and you will unlock giant turkey balloon part 2 goal

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  • paula

    i placed the two things but dont get the giant turkey balloon??? what do i do wrong

  • Anna

    I have no challenges available at all on my page. I play on my husbands cafe also but he has all these extra challenges on his page. How can i get the challenges put on my page also.

  • tammy

    hi i have done all the thanxgiving goals and i havent got the giant turky ballon and i still cant get to cook the gingerbread house.and it says you must complete the turky thanksgiving goals to unlock which i have done and i still cant get to cook the gingerbread house.i also cant underrstand why i haven’t recieved the turkey ballon as my reward as i completed the goal !!!!! dont know what is going on with cafe world at the moment but im not liking it…

    • admin

      have you check the outside decoration ? because the giant turkey is for outside your cafe 🙂