Cafe World Girls Night Out Goals On The Town

By | February 27, 2013

Carmen’s spending a night out with the girls in cafe world girls night out goals ! join them and win a 4x ultra stove !

complete the entire on the town quest to earn brand new dishes and on the town 4x ultra stove !

carmen has a date, with her four favorite girlfriends ! help her get ready !

quest 1: girls’ night out goal
– serve 25 random dishes
– serve 25 random dishes
– ask for 6 compacts


on the town gid :
12118 compacts
12119 curling irons
12120 aprons
12121 champagne bottles
12122 dinner plates
12123 show tickets
12124 karaoke song books
12125 velvet ropes
12126 pajamas
12127 party pictures