Cafe World Go For The Record

By | July 28, 2012

Build the tallest burger in cafe world go for the record mini event !

faster, higher and yummier ! with the olympic 2012 start we also have some ‘competition’ too in cafe world

how go for the record works in cafe world :
click the burger icon on the right side to start
ask your friends for help and cook more layers to add to your burger
the taller your burger the better the rewards
complete the daily targets and build the largest burger in the world

i think gid won’t work for this goal 😐
pickle 8586
tomato 8587
lettuce 8588
onion slice 8589

new dishes :
8590 Double Cheese Melt
8591 Turkey Patty
8592 Minced Meat Patty
8593 Herbed Lamb Patty

here’s the official FAQ guide from zynga support :

What is the Go for the Record event in Café World ?
Here’s your chance to build the tallest burger in Café World. Compete with fellow Chefs in Café World to go for the record.

How do I build the tallest burger ?
You have three options to add extra layers to your burger – Cook, Post or Ask. Once you cook and serve the dishes in your Café, you will be able to “add” a layer to your burger. Please note that each dish cooked has to be added individually to the burger. The same goes for dishes received as well.
Café World, for the first time, introduces a new and easy feature to cook dishes. You can now cook directly from the event and place a dish on multiple stoves

What happens if the stoves in my Café have dishes being cooked on them already ?
If you do not have an empty stove in your Café, you will not be able to see the ‘Cook’ button in the event. In order to cook the dish required to build your burger, you will need to free up a stove.

How long will this event run for ?
Go for the Record event will run from 27th July, 11.30 PDT to 12th August, 11.30 PDT.

How does the leaderboard work ?
The leaderboard shows you where you stand amongst your friends and other chefs in the competition. This event will have two leaderboards; one with the World Ranking and the other with Friends Ranking.

What are the rewards for the Go for the Record event ?
– You will need to reach daily targets that are shown to win rewards each day. You can win spices and stoves daily as you progress to build the tallest burger.
– Win special prizes by achieving as many daily targets as you can. If you meet all 15 daily targets you will win an exciting reward.
– We’ve also set aside some very special rewards for chefs who find themselves at the very top of their game

What happens if I exceed the daily target ?
Remember you are making the tallest burger, so it will be counted for your leaderboard rankings. Extra inches on your burger will not count towards the next day’s target.

What happens if I don’t achieve the daily target ?
Don’t worry; you can always meet your next day’s target. However, you will lose out on the reward for that particular day.

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  • George

    This is getting ridiculous

    Day 1 5 Inches
    Day 2 15 Inches
    Day 3 20 Inches
    Day 4 25 Inches
    Day 5 30 Inches
    Day 6 35 Inches
    Day 7 50 Inches

    for a guy with 75 stoves, and 40 on half time, that’s 115 herbed lamb patties