Cafe World Goal Fast as Lightning

By | September 29, 2010

Cafe World Goal Fast as Lightning ! did you see new stove icon on the right side ? i thought that’s a new stove that we can build 🙁 but no.. that’s one of cafe world quest


Fast as lightning
build a lightning stove and cook up some super fast dishes.

you will need to do some missions here :
1. build a lightning super stove
2 serve corndogs 20 times
3. serve atomic buffalo wings 20 times

hint : ask friend for help building a lightning stove, click on a stove to cook food


cook time for :
corndog : 1 hour
atomic buffalo wings : 3 hours

after you finish you can get some prize like CP and coins

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  • abraham lopez

    at first I imagined that if i finish this mission, I will win a red lighting stove, but only you get points for this (like the coffee servings

  • test

    I was thinking the same. Finish the mission, get a red stove. Glad I didnt bother wasting my time.