Cafe World Graduation Party Catering Order

By | January 21, 2011

Cafe World Graduation Party Catering Order 🙂 Cater to the grads ! rev up your catering truck and serve them a meal they won’t forget.
graduation party in cafe world

whoa there’s a new goals and catering order for graduation, thx to di for telling me this 🙂

the reward you earn for 3 stars is cafe world graduation cake recipe + 3 catering points + 480 CP + 7450 coins, you will have 3 days to get 3 star rewards

Graduation Party Catering Order :
serve spicy devil eggs 5 times
serve veggie sushi 20 times
serve artichoke dip 64 times


my tips :
this is an easy catering mission, but before start make sure you / your friends riends already unlock artichoke dip by completing cafe world graduation party goals
spicy devil eggs : 18 hours
veggie sushi : 7 hours
artichoke dip : 5 minutes

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