Cafe World Grand Master Chef Links

By | September 10, 2010

Cafe World Grand Master Chef Links ! just like cafe world no clean fairy links, there’s a links for grand master chef ingredients 🙂
grand master chef in cafe world

place the grand master chef inside yoru cafe and you will master dishes 3 times faster for 1 week ! earning mastery rewards has never been easier !

you will need to collect new ingredients @8 for each of them :
– magic herbs
– secret spices
– ancient recipes
– secret scrolls

grand master chef ingredients links :

Magic Herbs Link

Secret Spices Link

Ancient Recipes Link

Secret Scrolls Link

use the cafe world grand master chef links to send ingredients faster !

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    I am sorry to say that this is a terrible waste.

    I have placed my grand master chef in my cafe and it does not work at all.

    The cooking times are still taking the same as if it was not there..
    Can you explain why is this???

    thank you

  • Kate

    You are right, what a waste! I found out the same thing – Built it and it does not work.

  • Snowy

    Mine speeds up cooking time slightly on the lightning stoves, but not on the ordinary ones. What a con. Certainly not a third faster either.

  • Scot

    It doesnt make your food to be cooked faster.You gain 3x mastery from each dish so you lvl up your dishes faster.

    Anyone know if you pay the 8CC for the restore how long it will last?

  • sha

    Scot I believe that you have to pay 8cc a week to keep it

  • tracey

    i am uk based and i buy the grand master for 28 cc and that last for 27 days, nut i re charged 2 days ago and not working but have to addd this is the first issue i have had with it … i have mastered alll dishes to level 3 in no time x