Cafe World Grandma’s Cook Off Catering Order

By | August 2, 2011

Grandma needs your help to win her bridge club’s cooking competition in cafe world grandma’s cook off catering order! Complete it with 3 stars to earn a sweet Fruit and Jelly Mold for your cookbook!
grandma’s lost her recipes, and she can’t win without them! repeat the amazing recipe hunt goals and help grandma find her lost dishes !

catering crew : 18

grandma’s cook off catering order :
serve collard greens and bacon 500 times
serve grandma’s famous meatloaf 30 times
serve corn flake chicken 120 times
serve choco-scotch clusters 60 times
collect 8 sampler fork
collect 8 sampler dishes

catering missions

3 star rewards (5 days)
– 12 catering points
– 70000 coins
– 3200 cafe points
– fruit and jelly mold recipe

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