Cafe World Grandma’s Lost Pages Goals

By | July 22, 2011

Grandma needs your help in The Amazing Recipe Hunt in cafe world. Repeat the goals to find all of her limited time recipes and even a 4X Lightening Stove.

there are 2 goals :
1. cafe world grandma’s lost pages
2. cafe world super lost pages

Grandma needs help finding her old recipes for her bridge club’s cook-off! By repeating each set of 5 goals , you’ll unlock either a new mystery dish or a special stove each time!

Let’s start with the first quest series :

part 1 : grandma’s lost pages 1
– place your doghouse
– serve 5 belgian waffles
– ask for 3 old recipe cards

part 2 : grandma’s lost pages 2
– serve 10 kung pao stir fry
– spice 5 neighbor stoves
– ask for 4 lost pages

part 3 : grandma’s lost pages 3
– serve 15 eggs benedict
– spice 10 neighbor stoves
– ask for 6 old recipe cards

part 4 : grandma’s lost pages 4
– serve 2 pulled pork
– serve 20 chocolate cream pies
– ask for 7 lost pages

part 5 : grandma’s lost pages 5
– serve 1 dish with the pastry station
– serve 25 rackasaurus ribs
– ask for 10 old recipe cards

rewwards : mystery prize

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  • gill

    Hi there
    my goals are totally different. goal no 1 I had place doghouse and cards as stated, but had cornflake chicken. Likewise on supergoals I had doghouse again, lost pages and chicken vindaloo. this is the 1st time we’ve ever differed – read your pages every time!

  • Christina

    It would appear some of these goals are different for different people!! For my second goal I had to cook fiery fish tacos instead!

  • Christina

    It would appear some of these goals are different for different people!! For my second goal I had to cook fiery fish tacos instead!!!

  • Laura

    My #2 has Mac & Cheese, my first one was different as well

  • Jenn Schibel

    my kids are receiving different cooking goals than I am, they are all in the same time range for cooking.
    *btw I love your pages, have helped me tremendously*

  • Kitecafe\’s

    You\’re going to need a LOT of time to get through this one. I managed to get through goal #5 on the lost pages for the \"mystery prize\"… was thinking it would be the 4 part stove, but instead it gives me a recipe, then the quest STARTS AGAIN!!! Finish goal 5 and your back to part 1 for the next recipe. There are 8 recipes so overall this will be a 40 part quest… no telling if you get the stove at the end of that or not.

  • mandy

    The goals are randomly generated so not everyones going to have the same things to do.

  • Laurie

    I am having a problem on part 5 of Grandmas lost recipes….I have to serve 1 dish from Pastry Station, I have cooked 4 cakes, not one of them counted…grrrr Do I need to bake a special cake to complete the level?

    Please Help!!

  • Carla

    I have found with the cakes that you need to have at least one person on your “crew” and you need to serve the cake directly to a counter(not the refrigerator). I had trouble with this one, too, until I did this. Hope this helps you out.

  • Mel

    For those that are wondering if you get the stove at the end, yes. When I completed Super Lost 5 the first time I earned a 50% stove and the 4x stove.

    Regarding the cakes, you do not need anyone on the crew. I didn’t and so as long as you serve directly to the counter from the pastry station, you are fine.

  • meemee

    wew we have to finish all 50 goals to unlock 7 recipes and 3 stoves

  • Clarissa

    Does anyone know how long we have to complete all 50 goals?

  • Carla

    My countdown says 7 Days left.

  • Deb

    Is anyone cooking the anniversary cake and the chocolate pie–does anyone know what the last food is to cook? I thought I was done and I have more goals! thanks for the help