Cafe World Grandpa’s BBQ

By | September 8, 2010

Cafe World Grandpa’s BBQ is the 5th catering order that you can unlocked if you get 3 stars for upgrade your catering business in cafe world 🙂

Grandpa’s BBQ on cafe world

Cater Grandpa’s BBQ ! Your grandpa wants your help to make sure it’s a success !

This mission is a combination of item requests from friends + cooking orders, so make sure you have a lot of crew working together 🙂
Serve 288 Voodoo Chicken Salad or buy with 17 Cafe Cash
Serve 108 Chocolate Cream Pie or buy with 10 Cafe Cash
Serve 216 BBQ Chicken or buy with 11 Cafe Cash
Collect 10 BBQ Sauce : ask friends or buy with @ 2 Cafe Cash
Collect 5 Charcoal Bags : ask friends or buy with @ 2 Cafe Cash
Collect 10 Skewers : ask friends or buy with @ 2 Cafe Cash


Grandpa’s BBQ Crew Size :
You can ask 11 friends to help you with your catering order, total crew size 12

Remember that the food from gifts do not count, so only food cooked and served from your stoves count and if you have sent a help request for your crew, you cannot send a request for gifting items as well within the 24 hour period.

The time limit for three stars : 3 Days

Cafe World Grandpa’s BBQ 3 Stars Reward :
– 3780 CP
– 56700 Coins
– next order unlocked (cafe world sunday brunch)
– Catering Tent outdoor decoration

catering tent on cafe world

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  • Margareta

    I got the catering tent already but now I have to cook for dinner party order again. It’s strange.

  • jomama

    I can’t see how Grandpa’s BBQ catering is possible in the 3 days for 3 stars. I have 20 stoves and won’t finish with out buying. i’m not spending money on a game.

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  • bertolli

    Tried the BBQ catering 3 times. I’m lvl 111, so I should have enough stove to cook.
    Except simply buying all meals with cash, I don’t see any way of doing this….

    And I really would love this tent….

  • Tony Montanna

    Hey there

    ALL tasks are completely achievable, you just have to have the right kind of neighbours and lots of them. I am on level 181 and have over 200 neighbours. I level up every day at least once and completed ALL the Catering Orders in under TWO DAYS! If you know what you’re doing you can achieve so much with the game WITHOUT spending any of your real money – that is madness yet millions of players do!!

    T “,)

  • laroo

    You absolutely MUST have a WORKING CREW to complete this order, with a total number of stoves on the crew totaling at least 80, better if you can get 100 stoves working. Then it goes great! Form up teams and coordinate your efforts! It’s a blast, and so rewarding!