Cafe World Grandpa’s Finger Lickin Lost Recipe

By | March 18, 2010

Cafe World Grandpa’s Finger Lickin Lost Recipe 🙂

did you remember Grandma’s Long Lost Apple Pie on cafe world ?

Well now you can see grandpa’s lost recipe, finger lickin’s bbq ribs !

You can find this grandpa randomly, if he come to your cafe you will see a pop up that says :
” You just stumbled across Grandpa’s long lost recipe for Finger Lickin’ Ribs! The recipe serves 400 and calls for a whole barrel of Rare Sweet Sassafras… Maybe your friends can help ? ”

there will be 2 options you can choose : forget grandpa or get help

if you choose get help, then it will be posted on your wall

your friends can click “help” and they will see this screen

they can choose try a rib that will give +50 CP or skip by choosing eat all the ribs

enjoy cafe world grandpa’s finger lickin’s bbq ribs 😀

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