Cafe World Graphite Stove Shop

By | May 2, 2012

Complete cafe world graphite stove shop and finish all 10 stages to complete your brass 4x ultra stove! buck bradshaw is back with a new amazing stove !

Accomplish buck’s extra goals to earn additional prizes ! Use the stove shop to maintain your new graphite stove, each time you complete a stage you earn rewards !

you can access this graphite buildable from cookbook > look for “broccoli cheddar bake”
or just click on the graphite stove > complete

parts you need to ask and request :
Graphite Oil Canister
Graphite Hammer
Graphite Scrub Brush
Graphite Multi-Tool
Extra Graphite Nut and Bolt
Graphite Stove Polish

buck bradshaw’s stove shop

rewards :
stage 1 : brass mega stove
stage 2 : 2 six hour thymes
stage 3 : brass mega stove burner 2
stage 4 : broccoli cheddar bake recipe
stage 5 : 2 six hour thymes
stage 6 : brass mega stove burner 3
stage 7 : jamaican jerk chicken recipe
stage 8 : 2 quest buster thymes
stage 9 : brass mega stove burner 4
stage 10 : upgrade to ultra stove

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