Cafe World Grill Father Super Stove

By | July 2, 2010

Cafe World Grill Father Super Stove is a new stove on cafe world 🙂 you can see another cross promotion for zynga game, mafia wars for this grill father stove

grill father super stove icon

how to get grill father super stove on cafe world ?
you can purchase it with 35 cafe cash or you can get it free by clicking the mafia wars stove icon, you will see a pop up :

you can now earn a free grill father super stove
experience the joy of one-click cooking in mafia style ! want to find out more ? click yes

But i just went on mafia wars by clicking that icon and nothing happened when I played on mafia wars

maybe it’s not ready ? okay just wait for a few days until it really works 😛

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  • mexico

    I want my grill father stove, but i don’t know how i get in mafia wars. I have 20 lightning super stoves but if the grill father is free, i want it XD

  • lora

    It works…you have to level up five times before you get it.

  • tije

    so i just got the 5 levels needed 2 get the stove so what if i dont get it in a few days thn what do i do?

  • S P

    I had trouble getting mine, emailed Zynga and they straightened everything out in a few hours I had my stove!

  • Souljah

    I can’t find the promo link ingame… can anyone post it here?

  • veronica

    Where is my grill father super stove? I am in a level 21… what do I do?

  • Ashley

    do you only get one stove ??

  • Michael

    To get the Grill Father super stove, you need to level up 5 times and be at least level 21 in Mafia Wars & level 10 in Cafe World. There’s a new icon in Cafe World a lighter-suited Grill Father lightning stove.

  • scott

    i leveled up like 11 times already and have got it and i am at level 39 right what do i have to do to get my grill???

  • Linda

    I clicked the stove icon and nothing happened. About one week later a page popped up saying I got the grandfather stove. It happened right when I hit level 91. I’m not sure if you have to level up to actually get the stove.

  • Jerry

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the lightning stove and the grill father super stove. It would be great if we could use all the stoves we earned but the game restricts you to 16 now. I have some neighbors who have 20 plus stoves and 12 plus server counters. Don’t understand why there is a restriction now on stoves and counters.

  • Mocha

    I believe the Mafia stove is just a one click stove whereas the lightening stoves are both one-click AND they cook faster than the ‘published’ cooking time