Cafe World Halloween Goals

By | October 20, 2010

Cafe World Halloween Goals ! there’s 2 new icon on the right side of your cafe today, pumpkin and candy πŸ™‚


Halloween Sweets : get the right sweets and decorations for halloween !
– get a couple of the halloween classic
– serve up some delicious chocolate cake
– complete 5 eat missions

Trick Or Treaters 1 : make your cafe a spooky place to be !
– acquire a jack-o-lantern
– purchase a ghostly fireplace
– clean 5 stoves

Trick or Treaters 2 :
– buy 2 smiling witch and cats
– spice 5 of your neighbours stoves

Trick or Treaters 3 :
– serve 20 delicious caramel apples
– buy 2 Returning Skeletons
– visit 5 of your dearest neighbors

Bobbing Apples :
– get some delicious bobbing apples (5)
– serve up some corndogs for kids who don’t eat sweets! (10)
– friends love getting their stoves spiced (5)

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  • Lorna

    why haven’t I received the halloween goals or other goals in my cafe to do, I know other neighbors don’t have them either, do you know why we don’t get them in our cafe

  • lola

    Why i dont have any icon for the goals

  • Bobena

    Half the users of CW don’t even have these missions – zynga needs to get their act together.

  • friskylady

    I have the jack-o lantern,fireplace,witchs,skeltons,all that stuff,did the halloween feast,WHY do I not have the pumpkin & candy icons in my cafe??????I can not do the quest with out them,this is not right at all.

  • Jes

    Goal icons don’t all show up on a Mac, which totally sucks.

  • Laura

    I spoke with Zynga through the chat center…all they say is the developers are working on it…and…they credited me 300 cw!!!

  • Vandale

    I also have not recieved ANY of the goals! I have emailed Zynga and they keep saying that they are working on it! Why do they continue to push new ones out? This is not fair!

    How many goals were there total?

    • admin

      too bad πŸ™ i only not receiving the one for newbies

      let me see.. there’s 1, 2, 3 for coffee, 4 for halloween and the last for the drinks

      so there’re 5 missions total and each mission can spawn the next quest

  • McKenna

    Zynga if full of crap! They do nothing but talk!!! I too an experiencing the same issues with icons/event not appearing on my screen. Now the newest is the “Mix is up” event which I do not have.
    Did a live chat with a Zynga customer service rep, and was told same info…The developers are slowly feeding in CW player accounts.

    Can you believe that they actually wanted me to fill out a customer survey review???
    Be nice if we could just have the problems/glitches fixed!

  • Suniil

    ya… some of my goal icons are also not seen….