Cafe World Haunted House

By | October 27, 2012

Build a cafe world haunted house for the halloween school play and earn 6x mega stove 🙂

complete the halloween holiday quest to upgrade the 6x mega stove to a 6x ultra stove !

finish all 10 stages to earn stove, spices, halloween dishes and decor !

earn rewards each time you complete a stage
Stage 1: 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 2: 2 Mastery Mint
Stage 3: Apple Cheeseball Recipe
Stage 4: 2 Six Hour Thyme
Stage 5: Monster Mouths Recipe
Stage 6: 2 Instant Thyme
Stage 7: Halloween Mocktail Recipe
Stage 8: 2 Quest Buster Thyme
Stage 9: Lost Kittens
Stage 10: Bat 6x Mega Stove