Cafe World Haunting Halloween Event

By | October 20, 2011

Play cafe world trick or treat with friends to win : 50% 4x halloween lightning stove, and for cafe world haunting halloween event there are 6 task that you can complete in 15 days

Halloween is now in Cafe World! Stop by your cafe for some trick or treating fun!

here are the list oh halloween 2011 event :
– unlock goulish dishes & ingredients
a total of 9 new recipe from goals + catering order below

– play trick-or-treat with friends to get candy
look on your halloween candy bowl how to trick or treat your friends

– complete amelia’s treats
look on cafe world amelias treats goals for requirements

– cater spooktacular cupcake party
coming soon

– complete siggy’s tricks
coming soon

– cater mad scientist ball
coming soon


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