Cafe World Hawaii To-Do List

By | April 8, 2011

Cafe World Hawaii To-Do List ! there are some new hawaiian goals that you can finish but if you want to see all the list for these event click icon on the left side

hawaii to do list in cafe world :

1. unlock the following recipes :
– lau lau : 2 hours
– lomi lomi salmon : 6 hours
– haupia : 1 day

2. collect leis – you can see who helped here
note that you also need a lot of lei for cafe world luau goals

3. complete the slide show goals
for the requirements look in cafe world aloha goals

4. cater lisa’s hawaiian luau ! still coming soon~


if you want to finish all hawaiian goals faster you can visit my friend’s site here : di’s cafe world helps, she have done a lot of great work 🙂

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