Cafe World Help Out the Toy Drive Catering Order

By | December 15, 2011

New catering job for the winterfest is released : cafe world help out the toy drive catering order

cater the toy drive dinner and help collect toys for the needy ! it’s the season for giving ! ask your friends to help collect toys to earn a three star rating and reward pinwheel cookies !

help out the toy drive catering order
Serve Gingerbread Man 400 times (2 hours)
Serve Coconut Snowball 400 times (2 hours)
Serve Spitfire Roasted Chicken 150 times (1 day)
Collect 15 Doll
Collect 15 Holiday Light
Collect 12 Video Game

catering mission

3 star rewards (3 days) :
– 15 catering points
– 7500 cafe points
– 200,000 cafe coins
– pinwheel cookies recipe

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  • Nansi McDaniel

    gids for the dolls, lights and video games????

  • Zngrl

    They won’t work; all catering order items (not food) are RSVPs.

  • terrence

    Is this Catering Order a requirement to get the Special/Grand Prize that is locked in between the timer?