Cafe World Hidden Chronicles 50% Lightning Stove

By | January 21, 2012

New cross promotion between cafe world and hidden chronicles ! today you’ll see this pop up when entering your cafe :

play hidden chronicles and reach level 5 for a special bonus ! if you wondering what is the great prize is, it’s a cafe world hidden chronicles 50% lighting stove

if you missed the pop up, try to look a new icon on the right side and click it !
play hidden chronicles to level 5 to get a great prize !

so play this hidden objects game where you must find some items by clicking just like other mystery games 🙂

when you finish level up to lv 5, go back to cafe world and find a new stove !
if you think that his is a 4x stove, it’s not..
It looks like it has 4 burners but it’s only cooking one dish, this stove is 50%

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