Cafe World High Tea Party Catering Order

By | September 16, 2011

Still with chef winston, now help him finish the cafe world high tea party catering order and get 3 star rewards recipe : 2-year anniversary cake

thanks for the correction guys, you will also get 10,000 travel passes for this catering mission if you finish it in 3 days, travel passes is the same rewards that you can get from cafe world winstons royals goals

catering order
– serve yorkshire pudding 500 times (2 Hours)
– serve shepherd’s pie 30 times (1 Day)
– serve bangers and mash 120 times (1 Hour)
– collect 12 fancy hats
– collect 12 food trays

catering mission

3 star rewards (3 days) :
– 12 catering points
– 3200 cafe points
– 70000 cafe coins
– 2-year anniversary recipe

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  • Shay

    you dont need 10000 travel passes to start it you get 10000 travel passes as a reward for completeing the order with a 3 star

  • Observer

    This is VERY incorrect.

    The text plainly states that if you complete the catering order with 3 stars you will receive 10,000 travel passes.

  • danelle

    yet were all still waiting to finish last goal which includes catering job,and ive yet to find out when it is

  • Dee

    These items are not even in my cookbook…..where are they?

  • kiran

    hi ihave completed the goals but i have not opened the dis yorkshire pudding but in the last one it is asking to cook in catering order can anyone help

  • Joy

    I cant cook the required dishes for the catering order. How do I get them?

  • chevy mom

    How do I get Bangers and Mash to cook for my High Tea Party catering order? Thank you for any help.

  • ruth

    how do I get bangers & mash please