Cafe World Hire Becky and Beverley

By | July 8, 2011

Baristas are here! Sisters Becky the Barista and Beverley the Bartender will allow you to AUTO-SERVE your coffee and drinks!

on the becky the barista goal you must hire becky to serve your coffee

first if you already unlock coffee machine and drink bar, take a look on them

how to hire becky in cafe world :
click coffee machine > get barista and collect these parts to unlock becky :
– coffee grinder (gid:3722)
– apron
– sugar packets
– coffee stirrer

get barista in cafe world
specialty coffee

hire becky to get :
– a barista to serve your drinks for you
– an upgraded coffee machine
– an exciting new specialty coffee menu

how to hire beverley in cafe world :
look on drink bar > get bartender, you must collect these items to hire beverley :
– drink book
– bottle opener
– blender
– toothpick umbrella

help beverley pass bartending school to learn juice blends

hire beverly to get :
– a bartender to serve your drinks for you
– an upgraded drink bar
– a refreshing new menu of exotic juice blends

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