Cafe World Holiday Dinner Goals

By | December 10, 2010

Cafe World Holiday Dinner Goals ! Hiya Chefs! Holiday Dinner is served at your Cafe this year!

Complete the new holiday goals now to get festive decorations and 3 BRAND NEW recipes!
1. baked ham
2. angel slices
3. waldorf salad

Holiday Dinner is at your cafe ! Nothing brings family and friends together like a mouth-watering holiday dinner.
Every RSVP brings a present
get the right recipes
show off your holiday spirit
earn rewards by sharing cheer and food

deliver an unforgettable holiday dinner on cafe world ! there are 7 parts of holiday dinner goals, and too bad there are some goal with ‘ask’ friend that makes us wait 🙁

okay here are the holiday dinner goals in cafe world :
holiday dinner part 1 goal : get seasonal
– prepare 2 pumpkin pie
– spice 2 friend stoves
– earn 100 coins
reward : stocking row

holiday dinner part 2 goal : spread some cheer
– get 1 RSVPs (ask friends)
– buy 1 winter snack
– visit 2 neighbors
reward : 1 cafe cash

holiday dinner part 3 goal : waldorf salad
– get 2 stalks of celery
– get 3 cups of walnuts
– get 3 heads of lettuve
reward : waldorf salad

for part III you must ask friends for the items, and i’m still waiting for my friends’ help~ will update later 😛

holiday dinner part 4 goal : warm up your guests
– get 5 RSVPs
– buy holiday chimney
– serve 10 cups of apple cider
reward : skating rink

thx to lee wari for the rest holiday goals requirements :
holiday dinner part 5 goal :
ask friends for 1 spiral cut ham, 5 cups brown sugar and 10 cups cider vinegar
reward: baked ham

holiday dinner part 6 goal :
must ask 7 RSVPs, buy a red suit chair (3,000 coins), and visit 10 neighbors
reward: red nutcracker

holiday dinner part 7 goal :
must ask 10 cups brown sugar, 10 cups walnuts and 10 cups all purpose flour
reward: angel slices

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