Cafe World How To Get Tips

By | October 15, 2009

Cafe World How To Get Tips. Well i already explain this in Cafe World Guide, but i’ll give you a detail guide how to get tips from your neighbor 🙂

Much like the real world, tips don’t just magically appear in your Cafe World bank account. In real life, if you were to pick up a tip from a restaurant that you owned or worked at, you’d have to stop back by the table after your guests finished paying.

In Cafe World, you do that stopping in again through the Facebook Notification system.

After your friends dine at your cafe and if they choose to leave you a tip, the head’s up for your tip will come in through your Facebook Notifications. If you have your Facebook Home page open, you’ll see a pop-up alert that lets you know you have a tip ready.

Below are the steps for checking your Notification history to pick up any tips you might have missed.
– Go to your Facebook Home Page
– On the bottom right of the screen, next to the Chat feature, look for the Notifications signpost

– Click the Notificiations signpost. At the top of the submenu, underneath the blue border bar, there is a link for “See All.”

– Click “See All.”
– The notifications are sorted by date. The Cafe World notifications have a little hamburger for an icon. The tip notification will read something like, “lightchan and 4 others just ate at your restaurant and left you a tip! Click here to see how much you got! 8:00am”

– When you click the link, you’ll be taken the “clipboard” screen in game.

On the clipboard, there is a section for Tips Earned. Next to the coin jar, look for these words: You earned X Coins as Tips from your friends!

In order to receive Tips, you must allow Cafe World as an application to send you notifications. You can change the status of Cafe World’s access to your notifications by checking or unchecking the access authorized box on that same “See All” notification page.

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  • madmidwife

    i dont have the notification icon in my notifications. can you tell me how i can get it there??

  • Linda

    Same, I dont have the icon to set permission. I have to go to each individual friends wall to see their notifcations.

  • nokbenn

    I’ve just blocked my cafe world. How I can cancel my blocked or can play it again ?