Cafe World Icing on the Cake

By | December 18, 2012

Grab your ladles and baking powder and bake the ultimate cake ! cafe world icing on the cake event is your chance to compete with your friends in leaderboard to make world’s tallest cake in cafe world, and get Gifted 6x Ultra Stove as final reward !

bake your ultimate dream cake !

gid :
10651 Rainbow Bits
10652 Caramel Cream
10653 Coffee Biscotti
10654 Coco Marshmallow
10655 Mocha Cake
10656 Fudgy Delight
10657 Mascarpone Cake
10658 Cocoa Ring Cake

here’s the official FAQ :

What is the Icing on the Cake event in Café World?
Here’s your chance to build the world’s tallest Cake in Café World and see yours and your friends progression in the leaderboard.

How does the leaderboard work?
The leaderboard shows you where you stand among your friends. This event will have one leaderboards which will show you how tall your friends Cake is and where you stand amongst your friends.

What are the rewards for the Icing on the Cake event?
You will need to reach daily targets that are shown to win rewards each day.
If you cook every day and reach your daily target you will be rewarded with a Gifted 6x Ultra Stove!

What happens if I exceed the daily target?
Remember you are building the world’s tallest Cake, so it will be counted for your leaderboard rankings. Extra inches on your Cake will not count towards the next day’s target.