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By | October 6, 2009

Cafe World Icon Guide 🙂 Because there will be a lot of pictures so i made a single explanation for this Cafe World Icon guide.

You can always see other Guide, tips and tricks if you want to know how to play Cafe World 😀
Cafe World Guide
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Okay let’s begin 😛

When you enter your Cafe World application on your facebook, you will see this picture with a lot of icon / button. There’s already explanation for each icon if you hover your mouse on them.

On the top left you will find 2 icons
The coin = total of your Cafe Coins
paper money = i think this will be the amount of your cash money (coming soon)

On the middle top we have this icon
The number means the experience / Cafe Points that you have (792) , if you hover the mouse on it will tell you how much Cafe Points you’ll need for the next level (1070) 🙂
And the right number tells your level (6)

Earn Cafe Points by visiting neighbors and cooking dishes. Earn enough and you’ll Level Up!
New levels let you purchase extra stoves, hire additional waiters and cook more dishes!

On top right you’ll find this icon :
This is your Cafe Name, Click to change your Cafe name.

This is Buzz Rating
Your Buzz Rating determines how many customers walk into your cafe.
Happy customers will increase your Buzz, while sad customers make it go down.

On bottom left you’ll find this icons :

Manage Friends
You can manage your Employees in here.
If there’s any position available you will have a “Position Available! Hire” click, and choose your friends to be your employee 🙂

Note : you can’t change your employee outfit, you will find them with different outfit when your friends changed their outfit

In this icon you will find :

Decor :
– tables
– chairs
– doors
– windows
– floors
– walls
– decor

Functional :
– stoves
– counters

Expand Cafe :
how many tile that you can buy, to unlock you must per level

to sell / gift items you can drag any item you want to this icon

Change Clothes
You can style your character in here, change clothes face, skin color, etc.

You can pick any dishes you want in here if you have any stoves available.

On bottom right you’ll find this icon
Use gifts – use the gift from your friends (drinks) for customers 🙂
Ribbons – i think this will be award that you’ll achive later (coming soon)

I hope this help you playing this game 😀

Remember you can always see other Guide, tips and tricks in Cafe World :
Cafe World Guide
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  • Marie Klein

    I wanna change the designs of my floorings and walls. Can I sell my existing tiles and walls?

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  • zinylg

    is it OK to block the doors with plants or chairs

    if i want to close my store ??? so that i wouldn’t

    have to put away my door since i dunno where to

    buy one 🙂 thanks in advance!

    • admin

      yeah it’s ok 🙂 actually the first door is free, you can check it in your inventory

  • Eleckid

    zinylg: unlike restaurant city, where you can block your door to “close” your restaurant, it doesn’t work for cafe world (the customers will walk right through the item). You need to literally rip the door from the wall and drag it to the items list in the “customize” section.

    Now I have a question: Would you know when the gifting items from the “customize” section will become available?

  • Evett Labuschagne

    I CAN”T PLAY OR SAVE ANYTHING problem. Please assist

  • charlotte

    how do i find the inventory!!!!

    i know people say to click the chair icon, but do you mean the one in the customize library? i can’t see anything there!!!

  • Dana

    How do I enlarge my viewing area or scree? My cafe is large and I’d like to view the whole thing without making it very small.

  • Jill

    how do i sell clothes on cafe world. Like the ones I do’t wear anymore. I need more money!

  • Bill

    All my friends names are zynga how do i fix that in cafe world can you please help me out thank you!!!

  • sally-anne

    help i have just reached level 30 and notice from your website that i should have 11 stoves now. i can not get the 11th stove, it just says 10 out of 10 used in the inventory, please help where do i find it and why havent i got it?

  • ann

    right i completed the suvery but not got my 500 cafe cash is this a con

  • Mizz

    it said i got a lightning stove and that i can find it in my inventory but i cant find my inventory !! please help me by telling me where the inventory is?

  • Lene Oliveira

    Can anyone tell when does the icon of the coffee machine appears because i’m in level 15 and nothing yet.

  • Lene Oliveira

    Can anyone tell me when does the coffee machine icon appears because i’m in level 15 and nothing yet.

  • Nat So

    It was after level 30 that I got the coffee machine and drinks icon. I couldnt unpack my coffee machine because I had to find more neighbours but I found enough and have been brewing. If you do the tasks and do lots of cooking on as many stoves as you can you will level up very fast. Even all of the Eating Missions and Spice Me Missions give nice Cafe Points so they all help a lot when youre new.

  • CW Anja Belgium

    I can’t play CW anymore and the reason would be that I have to much gifts… The problem is that I can’t sell them 🙁
    PLEASE Zynga, can you remove them for me ?
    Then I finally can play my most favorite game again ! Thanks in advance !