Cafe World Independence Day Tour

By | June 29, 2012

Visit important american landmarks to complete the cafe world independence day tour !

Earn extra rewards ! accomplish buck’s extra goals to earn additional prizes like 3 new dishes and independence 4x ultra stove

material to collect :
8266 Independence Canister
8267 Independence Multi-Tool
8268 Independence Hammer
8269 Independence Nut and Bolt
8270 Independence Stove Polish
8271 Independence Scrub Brush

independence day tour parts

At every landmark you will earn a new reward ! visit all 6 landmarks to earn an independence 4x ultra stove !
stage 1 : bbq pork ribs recipe
stage 2 : 1 six hour thyme
stage 3 : potato salad recipe
stage 4 : 2 six hour thyme
stage 5 : egg salad sandwich recipe
stage 6 : independence 4x ultra stove

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  • Kos21

    Are these material GIDs work for the Independence Day Tour?

  • SergioE

    Hi, can you explain a little more this buildables, it can be fantastic if we can have something like:

    “XXX Buildable”:
    3 stages, 6 parts each stage
    stage 1: 3 parts need 2 posts, 3 parts need 2 asks
    stage 2: 3 parts need 3 posts, 3 parts need 2 asks
    stage 3: 3 parts need 6 posts, 3 parts need 8 asks


  • Que

    my code is not working for the items…they send to my message box but dont seem to be applying

  • Russ

    Did the goals just vanish today? I dont see them anymore and i was on stage 6 any thoughts?

    • admin

      yeah.. they replaced it with a new family vacation today 😐 the independence day part already extended for 1 day if you noticed the announcement