Cafe World Indoor Garden Guide

By | February 17, 2012

Here’s a complete guide for new feature : cafe world indoor garden

these are official f.a.q from cafe world support, and thanks Southern ofTexas for these pictures

What is the Indoor Garden ?
The Indoor Garden allows you to gtrow flowers and place them in Vases inh your Cafe.
Not only are flowers a dynamic decoration but they also can improve the Mood of the cafe!

What is Mood ?
Mood is a new aspect of your cafe. The Mood meter is shown right beneath Buzz.
Better Mood gives you bonus as follows:
6 Active Flowers = Happy Customers will enter your cafe. Click on the smiling face bubble to receive free spices
4 Active Flowers = A Major Buzz Boost
2 Active Flowers = 10% More Coins from dish served
No Flowers = No Bonus
Wilted Flowers = No Bonus

Is there a builder for this feature ?
Yes, the Cafe World Flower Garden. Once you have finished the Flower Garden, you can grow flowers in the Pots inside it.

What’s the difference between a Pot and a Vase ?
You grow flowers in a Pot.

Pots exist only inside the Flower Garden builder. Vases exist in your cafe.
Once a flower is done growing in the Pot, click the Pot and the flower will automatically be transferred to the next available Vase in your Cafe.

How do I unlock more Pots ?
By either completing the given quest or by paying with cash.

How do I get more Vases?
You can buy Vases in the Functional Items menu under Special Items. Also, Vases are rewarded for certain quests including the White Orchid and Black Orchid Quests, see each requirements in :
cafe world white orchid goals
cafe world black orchid goals

How long does it take for my flowers to wither ?
Different flowers have different withering times. You can see the wither time on a flower by hovering over the flower when it is in your cafe.
See the complete list on cafe world flowers wither time

What do I do with gold hearts earned through the White Orchid and Black Orchid quest lines?
You can spend these hearts in the Valentine’s Gift Shop!

How does fertilizing work ?
Fertilizing a flower grows it instantly similar to using Instant Thyme on a dish! You can also fertilize all growing flowers with the “fertilize all” button at the top of the screen! Fertilizing costs two Cafe Cash per flower.

What do vases do
Bonuses are awarded for up to 6 vases, but more vases can be added to help bridge between growth and replacement times for different flowers. As you gain mastery for each flower the visualization of the vase will change between white –> bronze –> silver –> gold.

How long does it take for the flowers to grow ?
The growth time for the flowers varies based on the flower, but the process can be sped up by spending Café Cash on fertilizer.

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  • Terrence

    Where or how can you check the duration for a flower to grow BEFORE you plant it to the pot?

  • Cathy

    just hover your cursor over the flower in question in the greenhouse- it tells you how much it costs, time to flower and time to wilt. They don’t go ‘bad’ like food on stove do so use overnight time to grow the longest growing ones and do the opposite during the day (with short growing times) if you have the patience!.
    Run out of vases? Just buy more. You don’t have to wait. Found under Functional/Special Items.