Cafe World Invite Your Friends Goal

By | November 27, 2010

Cafe World Invite Your Friends Goal ! You’ve almost earned the recipe. Invite your friends to a grand feast before you can make the gingerbread house for them !

invite your friends goal in cafe world

in this thankgiving quest you will need to :
– add 3 new neighbors
– visit 5 neighbors
– get 10 fortune cookies from friends

yeah we must add new neighbors 🙁 but you can always unlock with 15 cafe cash

when you finish invite your friends you the gingerbread house recipe will be unlocked and placed in your cookbook

goal : invite your friends

  • Chelle

    You don’t technically have to add *new* neighbors. You can remove and add back three existing neighbors and it counts just the same. ^_^

  • Naranjushis

    how can i delete a friend?