Cafe World Joe And Lisa’s Honeymoon Event

By | April 12, 2012

New splash screen : cafe world joe and lisa’s honeymoon ! this event will start soon 🙂

will look for new gid goals for this event later.

here are the guide from the pop up :
travel the globe
travel along with joe and lisa across six continets on their honeymoon adventure !

international cuisine
discover amazing new dishes from nations around the world !

earn the hemisphere stoves
earn 2 hemisphere 4x ultra stoves and a no clean fairy before the timer expires !

Is the Honeymoon a timed event?
Yes, the Honeymoon is a 12-day timed event.

How can I access this feature?
Once this feature is released to all of our chefs, your main access point is the Honeymoon To-Do list.

Is there anything special I need to know about the quests?
Every 24 hours, the previous day locks and a new day unlocks.

What happens if I miss a day?
You can unlock the previous day by asking your friends for help. Once it’s unlocked, the newly unlocked day will stay open for 24 hours.

what are the new dishes that we can unlock from this event ?
Seven Cheese Lasagna (Flag Stand Tasks)
Scotch Egg (Flag Stand Tasks)
Fried Calamari (Honeymoon Travel Log)
Thai Curry Crab (Honeymoon Travel Log)
Moose Stew (Honeymoon Quest 1)
Smoked Salmon Pizza (Honeymoon Quest 2)
Empadinhas (Honeymoon Quest 3)
Baked Red Snapper (Honeymoon Quest 4)
Tuscan Chicken (Honeymoon Quest 5)
Grilled Branzino (Honeymoon Quest 6)
Clay Pot Chicken Rice (Honeymoon Quest 7)
Singapore Rice Noodles (Honeymoon Quest 8)
Lamb Sosaties (Honeymoon Quest 9)
Koeksisters (Honeymoon Quest 10)
Carpetbag Steak (Honeymoon Quest 11)
Poached Pears with Honey (Joe’s Cater Order)
Rainbow Pancakes (Lisa’s Catering Orders)

What is the prize at the end of the event?
If you have completed the event before the time expired, you will receive a No Clean Fairy and two special 4x Lightning Stoves which both will become 4x ULTRA stoves!

What if I already have a No Clean Fairy?
If you already have a No Clean Fairy, you will receive another special edition 4x Lightning Stove!

looks like there are 2 catering order ?
– espresso joe’s honeymoon
1. cater the alaska cruise
2. cater the roman feast
3. cater the african safari

– lisa latte’s honeymoon

and collecting parts :
flag stand
travel log

6658 Digital Camera
6659 Memory Card
6660 Sunscreen
6661 Deck Chair
6662 Hiking Boot
6663 Walking Stick
6664 Fishing Pole
6665 Wild Chinook
6667 Warm Parka
6668 Scaling Knife
6669 Crab Cracker
6670 Insect Repellent
6671 Bandana
6672 Raincoat
6673 Extra Socks
6674 Binoculars
6675 Bird Guide
6676 Samba Lesson
6677 Dancing Shoe
6678 Carnival Mask
6679 Tropical Drink
6680 Parade Pass
6681 Colorful Costume
6682 Scooter
6683 Helment
6684 Ancient Tablet
6685 Ancient Pot
6686 Gelato
6687 Shopping Bag
6688 Gondola Ride
6689 Serenade
6690 Gold Mosaic
6691 Clock Tower
6692 Venetian Mask
6693 Hand Fan
6694 Doctor Fish
6695 Towel
6696 Tour Guide
6697 Golden Statue
6698 Restaurant Guide
6699 Souvenir
6700 Diving Lesson
6701 Diving Mask
6702 Wetsuit
6703 Dive Tank
6704 Dive Camera
6705 Swin Fin
6706 Safari Jopurnal
6707 Animal Spotting Guide
6708 Safari Hat
6709 Khaki Shorts
6710 Telephoto Lens
6711 Wild Animal Photos
6712 Golf Club
6713 Golf Ball
6714 Swimsuit
6715 Penguin
6716 Train Ticket
6717 Dinner Menu
6718 Climbing Shoe
6719 Bridge Photo
6720 Exotic Flower
6721 Flying Fox
6722 Opera Tickets
6723 Opera Glasses
6724 Outback Map
6725 GPS Unit
6726 Canteen
6727 Backpack
6728 Kangaroo
6729 Emu
6730 Boarding PAss
6731 Flag Pole
6732 Flag Stand
6733 Luggage
6734 Passport
6735 World Flag
6736 USA Stamp
6737 South America Stamp
6738 Europe Stamp
6739 Asia Stamp
6740 Africa Stamp
6741 Australia Stamp

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