Cafe World Joe Espresso Proposes To Lisa Latte

By | August 5, 2011

Coming soon in cafe : joe & lisa take the next big step ! you should see a new loading bar picture right now, like this one

is that a ring ? or a new dishes 😛

i think there will be a story with goals or at least catering order for this event, but while wait why don’t you finish the last quest that we got today : serving susie goals

also help the polling on cafe world facebook fan page, where the story for this event will go
what happen when joe espresso proposes to lisa latte ?
with options :
– they’ll live happily ever after
– she’ll run off with chef matty
– she’ll spill coffee all over herself

so far the first option got the most people vote, but i’d love to see the second option story 😀

you can go to cafe world fan page to fill the poll

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