Cafe World Kickoff Cookout Catering Order

By | February 3, 2011

Cafe World Kickoff Cookout Catering Order ! Cater a super party and your cafe will be the champion !

kickoff cookout in cafe world

Want a big game tv ? Earn one for your cafe by scoring a 3 star touchdown for this mission. Finish the deep-fryer to get your meal past the goal line.

Ask your friends to help you fulfill your catering orders to complete them faster, the catering crew for this catering mission is 31 people !

kickoff cookout catering order :
serve philly cheesesteak 175 times
serve macaroni and cheese 40 times
serve funnel cake 40 times
collect 19 game mugs
collect 9 cheese hats
collect 9 foam fingers


my tips :
philly cheesesteak ready in 18 hours
macaroni and cheese ready in 2 hours
funnel cake ready in 5 minutes
for cafe world game mug, cheese hat and foam finger you must ask your friends to get all of the items

3 star rewards – finish in 5 days :
15 catering points + 6400 CP + 150000 coins + big game tv

here’s the picture of cafe world big game tv decoration

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