Cafe World Labor Day Stove Goals

By | September 1, 2012

Complete buck bradshaw’s cafe world labor day stove goals to earn your labor day 6x ultra stove !

your shiny new labor day mega stove is ready to go ! just place it then start adding burners !

part 1 : place stove goal
– place your labor day stove

place labor day 6x mega stove and start unlocking burners

part 2 : begin labor day goal
– ask for 7 labor day metal plates
– serve 30 random dishes
– ask for 6 labor day bolts

gid :
8844 Labor Day Plate
8845 Labor Day Bolt
8846 Labor Day Circuit
8847 Labor Day Displays
8848 Labor Day Wiring
8849 Labor Day Gas Pipie
8850 Labor Day Control Knobs
8851 Labor Day Handle
8852 Labor Day Drip Pan
8853 Labor Day Thermostat
8854 Labor Day Heating Coil
8855 Labor Day Burner Ring
8856 Labor Day Motor
8857 Labor Day Hard Drive
8858 Labor Day Switches
8859 Labor Day Canisters
8860 Labor Day Multi-Tool
8861 Labor Day Hammers
8862 Labor Day Nuts and Bolts
8863 Labor Day Stove Polish
8864 Labor Day Scrub Brushes

official guide :
What are the rewards for the Labor Day Quests?
For completing the quests, Buck will add to your inventory a Labor Day Parade 6x Ultra Stove.

What are the rewards for the Labor Day Float?
Due to feedback received from our Chefs we are offering Spices and amazing new Dishes rewards.

Are these quests timed?
Yes, Buck will be around until September, 6th, 11.59 PM PDT

I tried to place the 6x Ultra Stove but I can’t find it. Where is it?
The 6x Ultra Stove needs to be placed by clicking Place It from the quest window. Make sure that you have an available stove slot in your cafe.

You said it’s a 6x Ultra Stove but mine has a different number?
The number on your 6x Ultra Stove, placed from the first quest, will change at the same time as you unlock the burners.

What do I need to do to earn all the prizes?
You will need to finish all the quests and complete the Labor Day Parade.

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  • Daniel

    Nobody seems to want to post a guide for the new goals anymore. I see no way to tell how far these 6x Ultra Stove goals go. I am on goal 11, some say they are on goal 17. I assume they go to goal 18. We still need guides on new goals to see if we want to SKIP the impossible, or try to do it !!