Cafe World Lavender Lightning Super Stove Mafia Wars 2

By | October 19, 2011

Do you see a mafia wars promotion or this purple stove icon with flame and number 2 on it in right side of your cafe ?

this is cross promotion between cafe world and mafia wars 2 where you can get rewards in cafe world for playing this game
try mafia wars 2

click the stove icon and you’ll see this pop up :
get the ultimate chef bundle!
reach level 5 in mafia wars 2 to earn :
6-pack instant thyme
chocolate eclairs recipe
and a lavender lightning super stove !

this game is easy to level up for lv 5, and you can block it after you get the rewards

make sure to check your recipe book, inventory and spices after you reach level 5 in mafia wars II

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  • thor

    Ive reached lvl 5 but havnt gotten the bonus how do i get it?

  • Samantha

    I’ve gotten past level 5, and all I got was the spices…….. did I miss read something?

    • admin

      no, you should got them all…. ask the support to get 2 other item ! you deserve it ~

  • sam

    I have the same prob as thor reach lvl 5 but nothing?

    • admin

      if you don’t get any rewards, please contact zynga support and report this problem

  • Sandra

    I have reached to level 5 5 days ago and still did not get them .and I report it it 2 days ago and still did not recieve anything .