Cafe World Lavish Cafe Expansion

By | May 9, 2010

Cafe World Lavish Cafe Expansion ! The lavish expansion has arrived. Upgrade your café today by expanding and move up in the culinary world!

cafe world 15×17 expansion

to unlocked lavish cafe : you will need 16 neighbors to unlock
then you can purchase lavish cafe expansion with 999.999 coins or 35 cafe cash 🙂

If you remember that after upgrade the expansion your buzz rating sometimes drop because the waiters not servings the dishes for customers… so here are some tips to decorate your new, bigger space!


How to retain your buzz :
– Before you redecorate, you may want to take the doors off your cafe. This will retain your buzz rating while you redecorate.
– Also, make sure to leave spaces for your servers to walk through tables and chairs.
– Leave two sides of each counter open for your waiters.
– And, remember not to block the doors!
– When you’re done redecorating, put your doors back on and start serving!

Don’t lose any food!

– Remember, don’t move any counters or stoves with food on top.
– Let the food run out, then redecorate.
– Serve some gift food while you’re cooking up some meals in your renovated café!

buy the last expansion on cafe world : lavish cafe and decorate your cafe !

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