Cafe World Lemon Cart

By | August 11, 2012

Play cafe world lemon cart and win great prizes like lemon 6x ultra stove ! The higher the level, the better the reward ! fill ‘er up and don’t spill !

to play lemon cart, you will require 4 tickets for 1 game
you can ask for free tickets by clicking post button

guide how to play lemon cart mini game on cafe world :
pick a glass to fill the pitcher, don’t spill !
each glass holds different quantities of lemonade (30, 50, 100, 150, 200)
hover over the pitcher to view all rewards
click ‘keep‘ to leave with your last earned reward
hit the 250 mark to win a 6x ultra stove
start playing with the free tickets provided
get more tickets from friends or buy them with cafe cash 😐

Note : If the lemonade spills over, you will lose the reward that you earned ! but you will still get some ‘mini’ rewards, like super salt 😛


based on the lemonade level in the pitcher, you could receive exciting rewards
60 : 1 hour thyme
120 : sixhour thyme
170 : twelvehour thyme
210 : 1 pack instant thyme
240 : 6 pack mastery maestro
250 : lemon 6x ultra stove

here’s the official guide :
What is the Lemon Cart event in cafe world ?
Lemon cart is a fun new mini game in Café World. Fill up the pitcher with lemonade and win fabulous prizes.

How to play Lemon Cart?
Pick a glass to fill the pitcher. Each glass holds a different quantity of lemonade. Keep filling the pitcher to better your rewards. But, don’t let the lemonade spill over.
At any point in the game, you will be given the option of keeping your earned reward and leaving the game.

What happens when the lemonade spills over?
If the lemonade spills over, you will lose the reward that you earned. Nonetheless, you will still leave with some reward.

What is the ‘Keep’ button?
If you don’t want to pick a glass and wager again or if you afraid of spilling over, then use the ‘Keep’ button to leave the game with your last earned reward.

What are tickets?
You will need 4 tickets to play lemon cart. You will receive 20 free tickets to help you get started – that’s 5 FREE Games.
You can buy tickets with Café Cash or post for tickets thrice a day. Each post will give you up to 4 tickets (1 Free play). You can also gain an additional 4 tickets (1 Free play) each day by clicking on your friends’ post.

cash tickets :
1 = 1 cafe cash
4 = 4 cafe cash
20 = 19 cafe cash
40 = 36 cafe cash

What kind of rewards will I receive?
As the level rises in the pitcher, the rewards get better. Based on the lemonade level in the pitcher, you could receive packs of Instant Thyme, packs of Mastery Maestro and other exciting rewards.
On hitting the jackpot (250 mark on the pitcher), you will receive a Lemon 6X Ultra Stove!
Please note: You will win only one of these rewards at the end of every game based on the lemonade level in the pitcher.

For how long will the Lemon Cart game be around?
This mini game will be available from 10th August, 4am PST to 17th August, 6am PST. We will be happy to bring it back based on your feedback.

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