Cafe World Level Unlocked List

By | October 9, 2009

Cafe World Level Unlocked List. You already see the cafe world tips and cafe world guide, now i’ll give you the list of unlocked items for each level.

You can unlocked many things every time you reach a new level.
Such as :
unlocked new dish
unlocked new waiters
unlocked new stoves & counter
unlocked new expand cafe size
unlocked new gift for your friends πŸ™‚

Here’s the list :

Cafe World Expand Cafe Unlocked

Cafe Type Area Cost Cafe Cash Neighbors required
Quaint Cafe 8 x 9 500 2 1
Corner Cafe 9 x 11 5000 25 2
Family Cafe 10 x 12 50000 30 4
Plentiful Cafe 12 x 13 125000 35 8
Bountiful Cafe 13 x 15 400000 35 9
Extravagant Cafe 14 x 16 999999 35 12
Lavish Cafe  
Astounding Cafe  

new expansions available

plantiful cafe already been released, and there’s a changed price for them :
– Family Cafe : 25000 –> 50000 coins
– Plentiful Cafe : 50000 –> 125000 coins

And for the expansion like when lavish cafe will be unlocked, here’re some words from Cafe World Community Manager
Addressing a few questions raised:

Expansion: We are grinding away at solutions. We don’t want to expand too quickly while we still are facing some critical issues. Now that I am here I will be able to help filter the feedback. We have certainly heard the cries for bigger expansion, but for right now there are some more pressing issues we are facing. But I do want to let you know that we know you are ready to grow.

…Right now we are in the thick of Beta so we are expecting issues to arise, and we are working hard to get solutions out.

In the meantime, keep on cooking~

Jilly Bean

Cafe World Level Unlocked

Level Title CP required Dish unlocked Gift unlocked Employee unlocked Stove unlocked Counter unlocked Money bonus
1 Open For Bussiness 0 Bacon Cheeseburger, Super chunk Fruid Salad, French Onion Soup, Triple Berry Cheesecake, Spitfire Roasted Chicken Cappuccino, Shirley, Soda Pop 1st, 2nd 1st, 2nd, 3rd 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2500
2 Sultan of Stoves 34       4th   500
3 Ace of Baked 70            
4 Master of Mincing 170   Chai, Stawberry Shake       1000
5 Tikka Masala Master 370 Tikka Masala Kabobs          
6 Miso Maestro 670       5th    
7 Caesar of Salad 1070 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail          
8 Frin’ Ace 1670   Espresso, Thai Iced Tea 3rd      
9 Grill Master 2420         4th  
10 Lord of Linguini 3320       6th    
11 Magnate of Meatballs 4320 Spaghetti and Meatballs          
12 Creative Cuisiner 5320   Root Beer Float, Hot Chocolate       1000
13 Master Mess Sergeant 6420 Crackling Peking Duck   4th      
14 Bistro Baron 7720       7th    
15 Rockstar Chef 9120 Tony’s Classic Pizza          
16 Don Pizza Sauce 10620   Arnold Palmer       1000
17 Count of Carpaccio 12120 Herbed Halibut       5th  
18 Munchy Monarch 13920       8th    
19 Kitchen Counjurer 15920 Voodoo Chicken Salad          
20 Sultan of Saute 18020   Mango Lassi        
21 Sushi Samurai 20220     5th      
22 Minestrone Master 22820       9th    
23 Dynamite Dough 25520 Chicken Gyro and Fries          
24 Saute Shogun 28320           1500
25 President Prep Chef 31220   Orange Juice     6th  
26 Wok Wizard 34620       10th    
27 Royal Boiler 38120 King Crab Bisque          
28 Captain Kitchen 41720   Bubble Tea       1500
29 Professor of Cuisine 45520     6th      
30 Backyard Barbeque 49820       11th   1000
31 Kung Pao Balck Belt 54320 Kung Pao Stir Fry          
32 Potato Potenate 59020   Strawberry Smoothie       2500
33 Chapion Char-Broiler 63920         7th  
34 King of Crepes 69420       12th    
35 Culinary Icon 75120 Overstuffed Peppers          
36 Iron Chef 81020   Iced Tea       2500
37 Appetizer Imperator 87120     7th      
38 Mashing Majesty 93920       13th    
39 Taquero 100920 Flery Fish Tacos          
40 Count Cookie 108220   Grape Juice       3500
41 Molten Mogul 115720         8th  
42 Chef De Cuisine 124020       14th    
43 Dessert Diva 132720 Powdered French Toast          
44 Pots and Pans Chieftan 141620   Taihitian Punch       3500
45 Souffle Seigneur 150820     8th      
46 Kaiser Saucier 160920       15th    
47 Imppossible Chef 171320 Impossible Quiche          
48 King of Cooks 182020   Chocolate Sundae        
49 Grand Master Chef 193820       16th    
50 Ultra Grand Puba Noodle 205920 Grand Tandoori Chicken Lucky Fortune Cookie       5000
51 Ultra Apprentice Line Cook 235920           5000
52 Ultra Sultan of Stoves 265920           5000
53 295920           5000

I will keep this update, so stay tune ^0^

I hope this unlocked list help you play Cafe World πŸ™‚

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  • Elizabeth

    LOL, level 464???? wow…….I’m at 113 and I thought I was close to being done!

  • Triantafyllos

    Hi guys and girls πŸ™‚ Level at the moment 159 and to be honest it’s quite boring but a friend push me from the corner and i don’t want to let her past me πŸ™‚ anyway, my strategy??? 2 times per day MYSTICAL PITSA of 11 hours means 344x2x27( my stoves)18576cp + 43 friends by 200cp by visiting 8600cp . TOTAL:27176CP PER DAY. I think is the most easy way and not so boring cause to stay all the time front of your pc is too much!!! 2 times per day i think is enough πŸ™‚ Good luck to all



  • maddie

    im currently on level 66 and i just unlocked the veggie lasagna. I’ve been playing this game for about a year, and currently have about half a million cafe points 8) (yes i do have a life πŸ˜‰ i play 2 or 3 times a day but most of the times its just to make or serve food. A trick i use when i have no food made is to take the doors off. It keeps your buzz rating, and gives you time to make food. If im going away for a while ill build up like 15000 servings on each of my stoves (15 stoves) and leave it open and come back to the same buzz rating and like 100,000 or more πŸ˜‰ I also have over a million dollars and make about 40,000$ a day. I like to redecorate my cafe monthly, sometimes even twice a month spending about 100,000 $ each time :$ :$ i love this game and am just plain addicted to it now !

  • Christine Nicoll-Morey

    I am currently at level 75 and my current title is Lord of Chives. To get to level 76 you must get 819,120CP and then your reward will be 5000 coins.

  • Christine Morey

    I am currently at level 75 and my current title is Lord of Chives. To get to level 76 you must get 819,120CP and then your reward will be 5000 coins.

  • djc

    i am at 158 and going i level about every two days

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    Im level 101, trying find a thai cruise though πŸ™

  • AnfcorE

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  • Silver Snake

    Hey i need more neighbors send me a request with annotation saying “cafe world friend request” im on often and do spice peoples food!

  • Silver Snake

    Oj sorry my name is alex Mackel.

  • Joe

    im a level 219 and my GF is a level 228 so we r cool ;D

  • Di

    I have posted all the New Goals & Catering Order for the Graduation Party. Thought you might like to post for those using your site as well.
    I do have the items needed for Fry Hard…which I will be posting soon.
    BTW reason I come to your site…I have always found good information here since I started playing CafeWorld March 2010.

    • admin

      thx dempsey πŸ™‚ i really appreciate it to have someone like you to always come to my site T__T i hope this site can help you too

  • Agnes

    hi. anyone wishing to have an active neighbour plz do add me as yours one.

  • Kevin

    I’m on level 135 and my astounding cafe still won’t unlock. can anybody help me with this one please…

  • bulinda moore

    I have reached level 114 and now level 115 and have not been credit each time, what is going on?????

  • bulinda moore

    The levels are in Cafe World!!!

  • lauren

    im at level 60, when do i recieve more servers. i believe that it is affecting my buzz ratings -_-. ive been playing for 27 days straight ^.^

  • Anne

    I’m at level 502 and wondering how high it goes .. anyone know?

  • Dale

    My neighbor is level 527. She’s no. 1 on the list with 234 and 183 in 2nd and 3rd. She can level up several times a day. I have no idea how many neighbors she has, but she does catering with no item requests, over and over. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in a 24 hr. period. I’ve only been playing since Jan, am level 67, hold the no. 17 spot in my roster, and have 22 confirmed and active neighbors. (I’ve gotten 15 of them in the last month or so.)There might be level 1000 for all I know!

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    I am at level 100. Does anyone know when Astounding Cafe will unlock?

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    who is the first in cafeworld

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    My top neighbour is level 1115 and level sup several times a day

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    I am on level 206. Where can I see the following levels?
    LG Helga

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    lvl 95 and you havenΒ΄t write anything about that

  • kat

    i know there are 120 levels on cafe world but what i want to know is can u keep playing after 120 levels of cafe world no one has yet to answer this question for me

    • admin

      hi kat, of course you can still playing after 120 levels

  • kat

    that’s awesome im addicted to this game i love it so much

  • Di

    I am at level 1070. Yes you just keep climbing. You get no more stoves after level 175 which gives you your 27th stove.
    YOu earn no more points or coins after level 175.
    The climb is the fun part.

  • Di

    I do believe, Zynga has changed somethings since I reached level 175 got my last stove. Not sure if they lower it or not.

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    Hey there i have 2 questions
    number 1
    i am on level 43 and i havent unlocked any stoves then on which level will i unlock ?
    number 2
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    hi! (: you need 27470cp to get to level 24, not 28320cp (:

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    Highest is like 1499 I think… My friend is like 1474 so she is close.

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