Cafe World Level Unlocked List

By | October 9, 2009

Cafe World Level Unlocked List. You already see the cafe world tips and cafe world guide, now i’ll give you the list of unlocked items for each level.

You can unlocked many things every time you reach a new level.
Such as :
unlocked new dish
unlocked new waiters
unlocked new stoves & counter
unlocked new expand cafe size
unlocked new gift for your friends 🙂

Here’s the list :

Cafe World Expand Cafe Unlocked

Cafe Type Area Cost Cafe Cash Neighbors required
Quaint Cafe 8 x 9 500 2 1
Corner Cafe 9 x 11 5000 25 2
Family Cafe 10 x 12 50000 30 4
Plentiful Cafe 12 x 13 125000 35 8
Bountiful Cafe 13 x 15 400000 35 9
Extravagant Cafe 14 x 16 999999 35 12
Lavish Cafe  
Astounding Cafe  

new expansions available

plantiful cafe already been released, and there’s a changed price for them :
– Family Cafe : 25000 –> 50000 coins
– Plentiful Cafe : 50000 –> 125000 coins

And for the expansion like when lavish cafe will be unlocked, here’re some words from Cafe World Community Manager
Addressing a few questions raised:

Expansion: We are grinding away at solutions. We don’t want to expand too quickly while we still are facing some critical issues. Now that I am here I will be able to help filter the feedback. We have certainly heard the cries for bigger expansion, but for right now there are some more pressing issues we are facing. But I do want to let you know that we know you are ready to grow.

…Right now we are in the thick of Beta so we are expecting issues to arise, and we are working hard to get solutions out.

In the meantime, keep on cooking~

Jilly Bean

Cafe World Level Unlocked

Level Title CP required Dish unlocked Gift unlocked Employee unlocked Stove unlocked Counter unlocked Money bonus
1 Open For Bussiness 0 Bacon Cheeseburger, Super chunk Fruid Salad, French Onion Soup, Triple Berry Cheesecake, Spitfire Roasted Chicken Cappuccino, Shirley, Soda Pop 1st, 2nd 1st, 2nd, 3rd 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2500
2 Sultan of Stoves 34       4th   500
3 Ace of Baked 70            
4 Master of Mincing 170   Chai, Stawberry Shake       1000
5 Tikka Masala Master 370 Tikka Masala Kabobs          
6 Miso Maestro 670       5th    
7 Caesar of Salad 1070 Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail          
8 Frin’ Ace 1670   Espresso, Thai Iced Tea 3rd      
9 Grill Master 2420         4th  
10 Lord of Linguini 3320       6th    
11 Magnate of Meatballs 4320 Spaghetti and Meatballs          
12 Creative Cuisiner 5320   Root Beer Float, Hot Chocolate       1000
13 Master Mess Sergeant 6420 Crackling Peking Duck   4th      
14 Bistro Baron 7720       7th    
15 Rockstar Chef 9120 Tony’s Classic Pizza          
16 Don Pizza Sauce 10620   Arnold Palmer       1000
17 Count of Carpaccio 12120 Herbed Halibut       5th  
18 Munchy Monarch 13920       8th    
19 Kitchen Counjurer 15920 Voodoo Chicken Salad          
20 Sultan of Saute 18020   Mango Lassi        
21 Sushi Samurai 20220     5th      
22 Minestrone Master 22820       9th    
23 Dynamite Dough 25520 Chicken Gyro and Fries          
24 Saute Shogun 28320           1500
25 President Prep Chef 31220   Orange Juice     6th  
26 Wok Wizard 34620       10th    
27 Royal Boiler 38120 King Crab Bisque          
28 Captain Kitchen 41720   Bubble Tea       1500
29 Professor of Cuisine 45520     6th      
30 Backyard Barbeque 49820       11th   1000
31 Kung Pao Balck Belt 54320 Kung Pao Stir Fry          
32 Potato Potenate 59020   Strawberry Smoothie       2500
33 Chapion Char-Broiler 63920         7th  
34 King of Crepes 69420       12th    
35 Culinary Icon 75120 Overstuffed Peppers          
36 Iron Chef 81020   Iced Tea       2500
37 Appetizer Imperator 87120     7th      
38 Mashing Majesty 93920       13th    
39 Taquero 100920 Flery Fish Tacos          
40 Count Cookie 108220   Grape Juice       3500
41 Molten Mogul 115720         8th  
42 Chef De Cuisine 124020       14th    
43 Dessert Diva 132720 Powdered French Toast          
44 Pots and Pans Chieftan 141620   Taihitian Punch       3500
45 Souffle Seigneur 150820     8th      
46 Kaiser Saucier 160920       15th    
47 Imppossible Chef 171320 Impossible Quiche          
48 King of Cooks 182020   Chocolate Sundae        
49 Grand Master Chef 193820       16th    
50 Ultra Grand Puba Noodle 205920 Grand Tandoori Chicken Lucky Fortune Cookie       5000
51 Ultra Apprentice Line Cook 235920           5000
52 Ultra Sultan of Stoves 265920           5000
53 295920           5000

I will keep this update, so stay tune ^0^

I hope this unlocked list help you play Cafe World 🙂

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  • A2Panther

    I have gotten a BUZZ Rating all the way up to 96%!!! Woohooo!!! You gotta keep playing and have your browser open all the time! I’m currently level 24!! AND NO, I did NOT use ANY Cheats!! Awesome for me!!! Enjoy! – ADW:)**

  • tiffany

    im on level 23, and its supposed to let me expand now with 8 neighbors, but its not letting me!!!

  • Juliana

    Hey guys, I’m in level 68 nearly 69 am I finished in level 70??

    The SAGE MAGE 😀

  • Barb

    I was wondering how much coins or cash u need to expand to lavish cafe this is for cafe world

  • Four Leaf Clover

    Hi Juliana, I have neighbors who are at level 73 and still going. I think you can get to at least level 75 🙂

  • Kelly

    I’m at level 74 and have no idea when the game ends…I haven’t been able to expand in a long time. It does get boring and i’ve thought of getting rid of it a few times. Once i reach level 80 i’m done. no room for growth lol

  • Michael Williams

    Just about to level 80 i will have another stove lol

  • edna

    HELP!!!!!!! after combining my gifts now my cafe will not let me access it,first it said disabled now it says restricted. Why?

  • Antisha

    im at level 52 now.. started around end od december 2009.. and its march 19-2010..

    i have a friend/neighbour whos on level 81 now.. with 988,592 cae world experience or whatever it is called..

    so i guess it goes past level 75..

  • lett

    im at level 40 does it go past 53

  • edna

    What’s going on with my cafe,I’m still not able to access? I’ve been removed from all my neighbors.

  • Apple90

    I am at level 87. I have 19 stoves

  • Muriel

    Suis au niveau 72 et rien de spécial

  • Laurie

    I am @ level 13 and have NEVER seen any ‘drinks’ in my cookbook, what am I missing? I understand by the above I’m suppose to have access to several drinks by now – and all I have is food at my Cafe!

    Also, I went to ‘expand’ my cafe, and it took the 5,000 coins, but nothing has happened – so I’d like to expand again – for another 5,000 coins, but am afraid I’m just going to lose my $ and not get a bigger cafe again – but why would it give me an option if I’m not qualified?? Please help!

  • hussain

    im on level 68 but its still not highest still wondring wats the highest level nd guys i got every golden madel except two otheres but if ny one wana check my cafe add me 😉

  • irish

    im completed the super stove in cafe world,,where can i find it?i cant find it,,please help me!!1

  • Efisio

    Ehi fellows my actual level is 188 and I have a neighbor level 217-
    I think levels are infinite!

  • Efisio

    Level 188 and my cafè is 9×11, quite enough to create a perfect cafè buzz 105 and more quick!
    I have 19 stoves and 13 counters, but I actually use only 4 counters.

    Visiting I gain 118 points and 517 coins per visit

  • Lynn

    I’m on level 25 and have been looking at the gifts that should be unlocked at the various levels, I have received none of these gifts as far as i can see. if i have received them, where would they be, if i haven’t got them then why. They definately arn’t in my ‘use gift’ anyway. can anyone help

  • Clare

    Im on level 50 at the moment…but it takes forever once you get that high!

  • AnnieDenver

    I have a Cafe World Neighbor who is on level 113 if that helps out on the “highest level” question… His cafe is amazing & he has nearly a billion cafe coins…. is this legit or is he cheating somehow…?

  • Ryan

    I am on Level 70 with 100 waiters and a Lavish Cafe! 🙂

  • Ryan

    Now I am on Level 1,000,000 with 2,000,000 Cafe Coins and Cafe Cash. I have a Astounding Cafe for free!

  • Jeremy

    100% legit here. level 95 and growing ^_^

    I have used the fastest method to level up for 6 months now. (I cook 2 hours, 12 times a day, everyday)

    For those who have played none-stop for 8 months (Since the starting of cafe world) Their estimated level would be less than 120.

    Anyone who are level 120 or above, i can ensure you, they are 99% NOT legit.

  • Lynn

    earlier today (3/5/10) i changed my wallpaper to million hearts wallpaper at 6,000 cc each. i bought 18 pieces, 108.000 all together. i had over 300,000 it took my cc the wall paper was there but when i switched the computer back on later in the day, the wallpaper that i had done are gone. as i said it took my cafe cash but WHERE’S MY WALLPAPER GONE! Please please can anyone help me! help!

  • J

    LOL jeremy define legit…

    I’ve played for 1 month now and in the last three days I’ve jumped from level 49 to level 73, about 500,000 points. I’m loving cafe appreciation week, you can just run a macro to constantly build and delete the free food. It’s within the rules so I’m doing it =P

  • efisio gallinadoro

    I heard about very low CW levels. My actual level is 406, more then 11,000,000 CP
    I heard about a Singapur Lady level 2500.


  • Annie Denver

    My highest level neighbor is level 142 he has 2,803,018 cafe points & right near a billion coins Thats just bizarre to me LOL

  • Yuri

    I’m in level 58 as “Peerless Poacher”
    and these are the rewards for the next level:

    L59 – 324,720 Cafe Points
    – Smocked Salmon Latkes
    – 5000 coins (only??? Cafe World is soooo cheap lol)

    Can’t wait to get new cookbooks.
    ***Need neighbors or an XBox LIVE friend?
    Feel free to add me:

  • Yuri

    As I read the levels some of you are in or a friend of yours are in, I’m not sure I want to play Cafe World that long cuz it’s crazy and don’t want to spend that much time playing since I still appreciate life over all the fun and games. I just play whenever I want to relax or just want to have fun for about 30m or when my precious ones are asleep and want a lil short break from motherhood by playing the apps. I stopped Yoville already and slowed down a whole lot with Farmville even though I enjoyed playing both very much. Demou, Cafe World is the quickest level upper I’ve ever played so far, referring to my works with Yoville/Farmville. All I can say is, hai/yes. I love playing Cafe World & definitely “NO” cuz I’d rather take my time enjoying the game. I mean it’s kinda worthless to rush a game that seemed to be endless, don’t you think?

    I’m glad to have found this site. Y’all are sooo sweet to be sharing your experiences with Cafe World… Being a mum doesn’t cut me out to having enough time to play anything & I’m cool with it. Truly LOVE & ENJOY my LOVELY/AWESOME NEIGHBORS =)

    GOD bless…

  • preston

    i am lv 17 and i can buy the extravigant cafe which is thes 2nd after the plinteful cafe

  • shaky

    im level 51, how many levels i need to unlock counters? help me

  • Sandra

    Level 100 when do the higher levels get more stoves and counters……use alot of food at the level and need more stoves and counters …. let us buy and use after level 100. Even every 5 levels would be nice to get a new stove then a new counter….

  • Connor

    just turned level 78

  • Z

    kelly Says:
    January 6th, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    when will the cafe’s go to wide screen , full screen , like the farm games , it gets harder to see everything when you expand, im lvl 49

    true! will they make e functions avail? it’ll be much better.

  • Jayden

    It’s nice to read that people are on higher levels than I am.
    I’m on level 63 and I was beginning to wonder if I had a “cafe world problem”.
    The game is over all really enjoyable I must admit.

  • ADLi

    At lvl 115 at the moment.
    Agree with Z if cafe world implemented the wide view it would be great.

  • Janice

    I am level 223!! I just want to remind people to try and master their new foods when they pop up in the cookbook..They are only there for a period of time and then they disappear..eventually they come back to finish mastering..but you have to wait for them…master these to fill your cookbooks before the next chapter begins..this is the most beneficial and important information that I can give to everybody…I have been playing cafe world for over a year…if you are looking for a cafe world neighbor please send me a friend request on fb…Janice Peters-Singh make sure to put a notation (Cafe World Neighbor level unlocked list) otherwise I will not add you. :0)

  • Eric Lee

    Janice Peters-Singh ,i already add you as friends,I also a cafe world player and my level is 157 now. : )

  • C. Anne

    I’m at level 205 .. any idea how many levels there are in Cafe World?

  • Imran

    I am at Level 100 on what next level i got stove ?

  • DrNothing

    Per the highest level question, I have a neighbor who as of this writing is level 223! And she seems to gain almost a level a day! She must have gadzillions of neighbors… lol!

  • Kammy

    Janice I want to send u a friend request but it does not give me an option to send a message where I can let you know I’m from cafe world. can i still send u the request?

  • Lisa

    i have a neighbour who is at level 160, AWESOME CAFE, inside and out, and she’s levelling up every day

  • Janet

    what is the highest level you can get to?

  • Brando

    i am level 53 and i only have 17 stoves so as you can see when you get to the higher levels it becomes less likely to get a stove when you level up. i have 8 counters so that also has the same concept as the stoves, about level 45 i realised i could buy the grillmaster 1000 or whatever it is anymore and those were the stoves i was buying, so annoying

  • twistr

    you get a new stove every 10 levels…I am at 162 and i have 27 stoves…i don’t use all my counters….don’t need them..

  • Qais Rais

    Hii i m on level 170 can i know,who is on top, and is there any end of cafe world..

  • piper-angel

    Well, I have a neighbour who is in level 464 and still goes on every day? I do not know when it will end. I think it goes on until you are tired of this 😉

  • Ginger1996

    Hey, so .. Im now level 55 and at level 54 im meant to get my ninth stove .. I havent .. why?